It's been six months since the clinic that entered the building in Kita-ku, Osaka was set on fire, killing 26 people involved.

In front of the building that became the site, we saw people holding flowers and holding hands in mourning for the deceased.

On December 17, last year, 26 people, including patients and staff involved, were killed in an arson incident at a psychosomatic medicine clinic in a building in Kita-ku, Osaka.

On the 17th, half a year after the incident, in front of the building that became the site, many people were seen passing by and holding flowers and holding hands.

Some people stopped and looked up at the building.

Yuichi Kawada, the representative of an organization that supports patients who attended the clinic, also visited the site and said, "I came to join hands. I don't want you to be weathered. I don't, but I felt once again that I would desperately support the remaining patients. "

In this case, Morio Tanimoto (61) was sent documents on suspicion of murder and arson, and was not charged because of the death of the suspect.

Clinic director's sister talks about complicated feelings

The younger sister of Kotaro Nishizawa (49), the director of the clinic who died in the incident, said in an interview, "I am still not facing the incident with my emotions shut out," and so on.

Nobuko (45), the younger sister of the clinic director Nishizawa, who became the scene, learned about the incident from the news she happened to see on her smartphone when she was about to have lunch on the day of the incident, and rushed to the clinic with her family. about it.

Half a year before the incident, I was interviewed by NHK and said, "I don't have to deal with the incident slowly anymore. I didn't keep crying right after the incident, and my emotions were shut out. Since I proceeded in this state, it may be that my body and brain are unconsciously trying not to think about it. "

On top of that, "When the counselor said,'I want you to take care of yourself in the first place,' it was really hard. It may be better to get counseling, but I don't have the courage to do it. To be honest, I feel that if I receive it, I will lose myself and collapse, "he said.

In this case, many patients who attended the clinic have lost their place, and Nobuko wants to help her as much as possible on behalf of her brother, Director Nishizawa, three months after the incident. Participating in online exchange meetings for patients and others.

However, now that I am feeling the difficulty of snuggling up, "I wish I could change the angle little by little so that I could be positive, but I was forced to do something, or something from here. I feel that it's a little different to play. "

Under these circumstances, she began taking courses to train counselors in order to gain specialized knowledge of counseling.

In the six months since the incident, he found a new goal, and Nobuko said, "I want to do activities that help me to organize my mind even if I have a small problem. It's been many years. Sometimes I want to talk to you, so I think it would be great if I could create a place where I could talk about my worries. "