China News Service, Beijing, June 17 (Xu Jing) Meng Rui, deputy head of the Chaoyang District People's Government of Beijing, announced at a press conference on the epidemic prevention and control work on the 17th that from 0:00 to 24:00 on June 16th, Chaoyang District 15 new patients with new coronary pneumonia virus infection; from 0:00 to 15:00 on June 17, 6 new new coronary pneumonia virus infections in Chaoyang District have been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment.

  Up to now, Chaoyang District has added 1,910 close contacts (including simultaneous space) and 493 secondary secrets. Control measures have been implemented for those involved in Chaoyang, and personnel from other areas have been transferred to assist in investigation.

  Chaoyang new risk points announced

  June 9

  8:20-8:35, Anhui Banmian (Jinyu Office Store)

  9:05-11:00, Kong Yiji Shangyan (No. 8 Mansion Store)

  12:45-13:15, Qiaotou BBQ (Jinyu Office Store)

  18:25-18:35, the express collection point opposite the neighborhood committee of No. 49 in Anjialou Village

  21:10-21:40, Yang Guofu Mala Tang Store (Sihui East Store), No. 145 Qingnian Road

  21:40-23:50, Jingjin Kangxin Foot Spa, Building 18, Nanli, Ganluyuan

  June 10

  21:50-22:20, KFC (Dongqiao Branch)

  22:50-22:55, Bigou Convenience Store (Ganlu Garden)

  June 12

  8:00-18:45, Four Seasons Minfu (Wangjing Mong Kok Store), Building 211, District 1, Nanhu Zhongyuan, Huguang North Street

  18:50-18:55, Jingkelong Supermarket (Wangjing Store)

  Meng Rui reminded that those who intersect in time and space with the above-mentioned activity trajectories or who receive a pop-up reminder from Health Treasure immediately take the initiative to report to the community (village), work unit, and hotel where they live, or call the Chaoyang CDC hotline 87789709 to report.

  Chaoyang added 1,910 close contacts

  Meng Rui introduced that Chaoyang District will quickly and strictly control risks, continue to do a good job in the investigation and control of amplifier risk points such as Nanjing Dapai stalls, dynamically assess the risk points in epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen flow traceability, information transmission, and placement. Control to ensure that risks do not spread or spill over, and resolutely block the chain of virus transmission.

Up to now, 1,910 new people (including simultaneous space) and 493 second-class people have been added. Control measures have been implemented for those involved in Chaoyang District, and those involved in other areas have been transferred to assist in investigation.

  At the same time, according to the results of flow investigation and nucleic acid testing, scientifically delineate the scope of sealing (management) control areas, strictly implement personnel management, regional management and control, and nucleic acid screening, strictly prevent cross-infection, and simultaneously do a good job in various service guarantees.

According to the research and judgment of urban disease control experts, Chaoyang has added 5 closed control areas and 1 control area, which will be released through the official platform of Beijing Chaoyang and the media.

  Since the 9th, 411 companies in Chaoyang have been announced

  Meng Rui said that Chaoyang District will continue to consolidate the "quartet of responsibilities", carry out a comprehensive investigation of social risks, urge various market entities to actively fulfill their epidemic prevention responsibilities, cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures, and jointly build a strong social epidemic prevention and control safety. Internet, and resolutely prevent the emergence of new social cases.

  Yesterday, Chaoyang District continued to conduct a major inspection of the production and business sites in the region. A total of 5,555 production and business sites were inspected, 638 problems were rectified, and 106 enterprises that had not implemented prevention and control measures were announced to the society.

Since June 9, a total of 37,063 production and business sites have been inspected, and 411 enterprises that have not implemented prevention and control measures have been announced to the public.

  He introduced that Chaoyang District continued to carry out regional nucleic acid screening.

A total of 3,959,000 people were sampled across the region on June 16, and all the results were negative.

Regional nucleic acid screening continued on June 17, with 1,444 sampling points and 3,158 detection channels, which are convenient for citizens to test nearby. Meng Rui reminds citizens to take the initiative to participate in the test, and they should do all the tests.

  Do a good job in centralized isolation observation point service guarantee

  Since the current round of the epidemic, more than 80 centralized isolation and observation points in Chaoyang District have continued to operate.

Meng Rui introduced that Chaoyang District strengthens standardized management, strengthens medical and epidemic prevention services, and ensures the health and safety of quarantine and observation personnel.

At the same time, isolation is not separated from love, and efforts are made to integrate humanistic care into every link of service guarantee. A humanistic care group has been specially set up in the isolation point management service organization to provide warm-hearted services.

  For example, the Maquanying isolation observation point established on the basis of the Maquanying Winter Olympics station is the isolation observation point with the largest number of isolation rooms in the Chaoyang area.

The headquarters has opened 4 internal landlines and 2 external telephones. After the personnel check in, they can immediately receive telephone greetings from the humanistic care team to eliminate strangeness; the telephone is online 24 hours a day, so that residents know who to call if they have anything.

  Meng Rui introduced that the isolation point has also launched a "five one" service, that is, a birthday gift, a set of student stationery, a "love bag", an emergency meal bag, and a love that you can empathize with.

At the same time, pay attention to the emotions and psychology of the quarantined people. If the elderly are "afraid of the dark" at night, they will accompany the elderly to sleep on the phone every day; some family members of the quarantined people are emotional, and the staff listens patiently, comforts them, and solves problems.

  In addition, the staff also made every effort to solve the residents' difficulties: providing refrigerators for people who need insulin, arranging exclusive procedures for dialysis patients, printing homework for students, picking up and delivering items for quarantined people's homes... Over a month, more than 500 difficult needs have been solved. , carried out emotional guidance for 1,800 people.

It interprets the "people-oriented" service spirit of "the epidemic is ruthless, people are affectionate, and the virus is not isolated from love".

In the next step, Chaoyang District will promote the practice of centralized isolation and observation points in Maquanying throughout the district.

  Meng Rui said that after several consecutive days of fighting and fighting the epidemic together, the number of epidemic cases in Chaoyang District has gradually decreased in the past two days, and the related epidemic situation in Shetian supermarkets and bars has tended to ease. However, hidden risks still exist in society, and epidemic prevention and control are still At a critical stage, there can be no slack.

He called on all social units and the general public to adhere to the "quartet of responsibilities", actively cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures, carry out nucleic acid testing according to regulations, do a good job in personal health protection, and jointly protect a healthy home.