Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 10:15 a.m., June 15, 2022, modified at 10:15 a.m., June 15, 2022

TF1 reveals to our colleagues from the newspaper "L'Equipe" its media system, but also its advertising rates, to cover the World Cup in Qatar.

TF1 will in particular devote more than two consecutive weeks of prime time to broadcasting the matches of the competition which will take place in the winter of 2022.

Exit the fictions of TF1.

Exit also the 8 p.m. newspaper.

To cover the World Cup in Qatar from Monday November 21 to Sunday December 18, 2022, TF1 is shaking up its program schedule and will broadcast 16 consecutive football evenings, according to information given to our colleagues from the newspaper 



Most matches taking place at 8 p.m., TF1 will therefore devote 16 prime times in a row to football.

On some days, there will also be an afternoon game, before the evening game.

The 8 p.m. newspaper will therefore have to give way from November 21 to December 6.

TF1 will instead offer a news bulletin just before the start of the matches.

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Advertising spots at historic prices

The matches will end early, in theory a little before 10 p.m.

The second part of the evening will therefore also potentially be very popular.

TF1 will offer the

post-match Mag

, hosted by Denis Brogniart and promises "an important device around this show".

La Une also revealed to the newspaper


the price of advertisements during the World Cup.

The most expensive spot will be charged 330,000 euros gross for 30 seconds during halftime in the final, if the Blues play.

Otherwise it will be cheaper.

This is potentially the most expensive price in the competition, but also in the history of French television.

In 2018, TF1 had invoiced certain spots 280,000 euros gross during the final.

The prices are increasing this year because this World Cup should be more followed.

As it takes place in winter, the public tends to be more at home, watching TV at this time.

Many matches take place as a bonus, the time of day that attracts the most viewers.

Médiamétrie will also be counting out-of-home audiences for the first time.

In bars, restaurants, second homes.

This will automatically increase the audience figures.

The price increases further because the period just before the Christmas holidays is key for advertisers.