In Niigata City, where one of the eight major titles of shogi, "Hulic Cup Kisei Match," will be held on the 15th, Souta Fujii (19) confirmed the challenger Takuya Nagase (29) and the game room, and said, "A tough start afterwards. However, I want to do my best to rebuild it. "

The second station of "Hulic Cup Kisei Match" is scheduled to be held in Niigata City on the 15th. We did it and prepared for the game.

Last year, the Fujii Five Crowns achieved the first ever "Five Crowns" in their teens, and last month they won the first title defense battle "Eiou Battle" this year and maintained the "Five Crowns". doing.

On the other hand, the Nagase throne won after two "repointing" in the first station held on the 3rd of this month, and has made a good start to stop the consecutive wins of the title match of the Fujii Five Crowns with "13". ..

After the inspection, Gokan Fujii stated his enthusiasm for the rebound, saying, "Tomorrow is a tough start, but I want to do my best to recover."

On the other hand, Nagase throne said, "If you win, I think it's a chance to make a difference. If you can concentrate on the one station in front of you and point to a good shogi, you may be happy with the result." Was shown.

"Hulic Cup Kisei Match" is the fifth game, and the game is organized until next month.

Whether the Fujii Gokan will return one win or the Nagase throne will win in a row to win the title, the second station will start at 9 am on the 15th, and the victory or defeat is expected to be decided in the afternoon.