[Explanation] When emergency medical assistance is needed, the public hopes that the 120 ambulance will come as soon as possible.

In order to further unblock the "life channel" of pre-hospital medical emergency and let the ambulance arrive at the emergency scene faster, recently, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province launched the "120 Distress Positioning System".

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  [Explanation] At 9:00 a.m. on June 13, the 120 emergency command center in Zhangjiagang City received a call for help. When the emergency dispatcher answered the call, he also immediately grasped the location information of the person seeking help.

When the citizen called the 120 emergency call, his phone location information was immediately displayed on the dispatch map of the city's 120 emergency command center, so that the ambulance could quickly find him and win precious rescue time.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Ruofei, head of Zhangjiagang 120 First Aid Command Center

  Combined with the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom, using their base station positioning technology to achieve mobile phone positioning, we can send the (location) information of his (caller) to the ambulance through the dispatching system as soon as possible. on the navigation map.

  [Explanation] In the 120 daily call for help, the other party accurately expresses to the dispatcher the location, symptoms and other elements of the person who needs first aid, which is the first step in the first aid process.

However, in real life, some people cannot accurately express their location information due to serious illness and unfamiliarity with road conditions, resulting in the inability of emergency personnel to rush to the scene for treatment at the first time.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Ruofei, head of Zhangjiagang 120 First Aid Command Center

  Now that we have this positioning system, we know the (specific location information), which can effectively shorten the response time of pre-hospital first aid, without having to double-check (location information) with him (the caller), our ambulance can be dispatched as soon as possible car, go in that direction.

  [Explanation] It is reported that Zhangjiagang City is the first county-level city in southern Jiangsu to realize the positioning of the whole network of 120 calls for help.

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