China News Service, Guangzhou, June 13 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​The Pearl River Water Conservancy Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources (hereinafter referred to as the "Pearl River Committee") announced on the 13th that due to the continuous heavy rainfall since the 9th, the water levels of major rivers in the basin have risen significantly. The No. 3 flood in 2022 and the No. 1 flood in 2022 occurred in Xijiang and Hanjiang successively.

At present, the level III emergency response to flood and drought disaster prevention in the Pearl River Basin has come into effect.

  According to the Pearl River Commission, there are currently 54 rivers in the basin that have exceeded warning floods, and the entire section from Guangxi Guiping to Guangdong Fengkai, the main stream of the Xijiang River, has exceeded warnings.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological and Hydrological Department, heavy rainfall in the basin will continue in the coming week, and the water level of major rivers will continue to rise.

In view of the current flood control situation in the basin, the committee decided to upgrade the level IV emergency response to flood and drought disaster prevention to level III at 12:00 on the 13th.

  On the same day, Wang Baoen, the executive deputy commander of the Pearl River Defence General Administration and the director of the Pearl River Committee, presided over the meeting, analyzed and judged the flood situation in the basin on a rolling basis, and further arranged and deployed the rainstorm and flood defense work in the basin.

  Wang Baoen emphasized that the current flood control work in the basin is at the most critical period, and it is necessary to maintain a high degree of vigilance and flood control "actual combat" state at all times, and do a good job of current flood defense work without slack.

All departments and units must conscientiously implement various work measures in accordance with the relevant requirements of emergency response to ensure that they can come when they are called, can fight when they come, and win the battle.

  Wang Baoen demanded that all departments should continue to pay close attention to the changes in the "four conditions" of rain conditions, water conditions, dangerous conditions and disaster conditions in the basin, intensify monitoring, forecast and early warning, and conduct rolling consultations and judgments; and start from the most unfavorable situation, make full use of the flood control "four pre-warning" platform to simulate Rehearsal, study and formulate flood prevention plans.

  At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the unified dispatch of flood control in the river basin, proceed from the overall situation of the river basin, scientifically implement the joint dispatch of reservoir groups, strengthen the supervision of reservoir dispatch and operation, and ensure the strict implementation of dispatch instructions; urge local governments to implement defensive measures and compact flood control responsibilities.

  In addition, it is necessary to guide the projects directly managed by Dateng Gorge and Baise to earnestly implement the emergency flood control plan, encrypt inspections and defenses, notify relevant units and personnel of water information in a timely manner, and do a good job in advance in advance. preparations; and strengthen information reporting, dynamically grasp the flood situation and defense work in the river basin, and ensure timely and accurate information reporting.