According to the official determination of the China Earthquake Networks, at 6:31 on June 13, an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred in Minfeng County (35.59 degrees north latitude, 84.09 degrees east longitude) in Hotan, Xinjiang, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers and the epicenter at 204 kilometers away from Minfeng County. km of no man's land.

No obvious earthquake was felt in Minfeng County, Hotan Prefecture.

The Minfeng County Fire Rescue Brigade in Hotan area has assembled 2 vehicles and 10 people on standby.

  After the earthquake, after contacting the Minfeng County Public Security Bureau and the earthquake early report in Yeyike Township, which is 161 kilometers away from the epicenter, no earthquake was felt at the scene, and no casualties were caused by the earthquake.

  At present, no police information has been received, and there are no reports of casualties or house collapses in Minfengshan County, Hotan.

(Headquarters CCTV reporter Song Feijing)