Face to face丨"Beijing understands" Gao Jian: This kind of pride will never be forgotten in a lifetime

  Gao Jian, the Beijing general dispatcher for the Shenzhou 14 manned flight mission, previously served as the Beijing general dispatcher for the Shenzhou 12 and Shenzhou 13 manned flight missions.

The orderly and clear instructions, especially the calm and powerful "Beijing understands", made this young and handsome guy from Henan attract the attention of the audience.

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  Since the Shenzhou 14 astronaut crew successfully entered the Tianhe core module of the space station on June 5, this "triple crew", known as the busiest "business trip group" since the construction of the space station, has carried out their space life and work as planned. .

At the Beijing Space Flight Control Center, Gao Jian, the Beijing chief dispatcher of the Shenzhou 14 manned mission, is closely monitoring the latest status of them and the space station.

  Reporter: You must always have someone on duty with them when they are in the sky?

  Gao Jian: Beijing is always there 24 hours a day.

Beijing has been there since Tianhe entered the orbit, and it has never been offline.

  Reporter: You are so young to be able to do the commanding job in such an important position?

  Gao Jian: Maybe you think about this position too high, it is just a very common one among our thousands of positions, and everyone's importance is the same.

Second, it represents the will of the entire command group. I may be just a representative. Every password I issue is not issued by me alone, but the will of the entire command group.

  Reporter: Who is the command team composed of?

  Gao Jian: This is mainly composed of leaders of various systems, such as the leaders of our measurement and control communication system, our spacecraft system, space application system, space station system, as well as astronaut system and payload system.

The leaders of the major systems are all in our command and decision-making group, and I convey information to all directions according to the decision-making of the command group.

  The dispatching post located in the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center is responsible for the command and dispatch of the entire region during the execution of the flight mission, organizes the implementation of the task according to the plan, controls and organizes the disposal of various abnormal situations according to the plan.

  Reporter: Are you more of a microphone or are you part of the center?

  Gao Jian: I am also a part of the center, because many times there is no need to ask for instructions.

For example, sometimes it takes more than ten seconds to complete the disposal, and the order must be sent out. In this case, it is too late to ask for instructions. Maybe the decision-making power is mine, and the organization must directly deal with it.

  Reporter: For example, what is the situation like?

  Gao Jian: For example, when we ascended, there was this kind of emergency rescue outside the atmosphere.

For example, if the spacecraft escapes, there may be some control problems, and the ground needs to send out the command within 13 seconds, so as to ensure the safety of the astronauts.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's aerospace industry, Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center has adopted a flexible and efficient employment mechanism and boldly hired new people. Among the 274 key positions in the center, young people under the age of 30 account for more than 85%.

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  Reporter: What do you think attracts you to it?

  Gao Jian: I feel that this position is very powerful. It can make everyone hear such a voice. It is also out of curiosity. What is this position for?

After asking, the senior told me that this is the most challenging position in the center.

  Reporter: Why do you say it is the most challenging?

Where is the challenge?

  Gao Jian: I didn’t explain it to me at the time. I said if I could try it if I had a challenge. I also thought that I should challenge myself when I was young. Taking the initiative was equivalent to applying. After an inspection, I arrived at this dispatching post.

  A year later, in May 2018, Gao Jian joined the dispatch team of Beijing Aerospace Control Center as he wished, and he also began to experience the challenges mentioned by his predecessors.

  Reporter: What kind of abilities do you need to have to come to this place?

  Gao Jian: I think back now, this position requires very high knowledge, ability and quality in all aspects.

Any major can come here, because any knowledge is not superfluous for this position and will definitely be useful.

Or to put it another way, because no matter how well you did in the original, when you come here, you need to master the knowledge you need to face scheduling.

  Reporter: More or less?

  Gao Jian: It all needs to be learned from scratch.

  In the scheduling position, Gao Jian's first job was to convene experts from each system with his colleagues for a meeting to coordinate problems between the systems.

  Gao Jian: We may be different from other people who hold meetings. We need to understand what the meeting is talking about. If we don’t know it, the password will not be able to be issued smoothly.

  Reporter: Do you understand?

Because of the various systems involved in aerospace, people are very professional.

  Gao Jian: Very difficult.

They were discussing those things at the venue. I knew they were all in Chinese, but I couldn’t understand anything, because many professional words really lacked the basics, and maybe they had less contact at the beginning, so they panicked.

  Reporter: So what should we do?

  Gao Jian: Just be humble and ask the teachers for advice, what does this mean?

What does this term mean?

What does that password mean?

  Sometimes, with the help of team seniors, Gao Jian will act as a sidekick and try to issue scheduling passwords during flight missions.

  Reporter: When was the first password issued?

  Gao Jian: In May 2018, I caught up with the Chang'e-4 relay star mission, with seniors supporting me, and the scheduling was very simple.

For example, when Lin Hai found the target, it was like he told me that it should be issued like this, but in fact, what kind of ability does this Linhai station have?

How should our measurement and control network be scheduled?

What is the information transfer relationship like?

It may not have been so detailed at the time.

  Reporter: How do you feel?

When speaking out.

  Gao Jian: Just nervous, nothing else.

  Reporter: How nervous can you get with just a few words?

  Gao Jian: It's not just a matter of saying a word, but because the password of Beijing dispatch is a signal to be conveyed to the whole district, and you are absolutely not allowed to make mistakes; the second is that you are the one who issued the command password. People, if you don't understand, you will inevitably have some guilty conscience.

  Because he did not understand, he also brought a lot of lessons to Gao Jian.

In addition to flying missions, he often participates in joint debugging exercises. Through computer simulation, he simulates various abnormal situations that may be encountered, and organizes the entire system for emergency response.

  Gao Jian: At first, I may not have such a deep understanding of this system. What kind of relationship is this relationship between positions?

I don't have such a deep understanding.

  Reporter: What will be the result of not understanding?

  Gao Jian: I wasted time and made everyone wait for about an hour. Our joint debugging is in place for the whole system. Maybe the simplest way, there are dozens of positions, and there must be dozens of people in a single post. Everyone is waiting. Follow me to organize settings status.

  Reporter: What will be the consequences?

  Gao Jian: I was severely scolded by the seniors, because the joint investigation is an actual combat mission. You did the wrong training during the joint investigation. If you were in the actual combat mission, the mission would fail.

  Reporter: But the process of going from a novice to a veteran is all about accumulating mistakes. How can someone who has accumulated into a veteran be good?

  Gao Jian: If you don't teach you how to remember, this is a ravaged process.

  After dozens of actual combat missions and hundreds of joint training exercises, on May 8, 2020, Gao Jian ushered in his first opportunity to independently perform scheduling tasks. During the first flight mission of Changwu B, he was responsible for organizing and commanding the experimental ship. The return and search recovery work.

  Reporter: How did you accomplish this mission?

  Gao Jian: It was relatively smooth.

Of course, the implementation of the flight control was carried out by the seniors. I was only responsible for a small part of the work, but during the whole process, my biggest feeling was to understand the gap. At that time, the seniors were very proficient in dealing with various passwords, like playing the piano. His hands were on the dispatcher, constantly switching channels and giving orders.

  Reporter: How about you?

  Gao Jian: I'm very simple, I only have that channel, I just keep an eye on this channel, and the related status is relatively simple.

  Reporter: After the whole process is over, what was your status when you left this position?

  Gao Jian: Sweat all over.

I didn't notice it at the dispatching desk, and I found myself sweating when I got down.

  After performing the scheduling task independently for the first time, after more than a year of training, Gao Jian has developed the ability to listen to six directions and see all directions.

  Beijing understands

  On June 17, 2021, the Long March 2 F Yao 12 carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was ignited and launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

In this Shenzhou 12 manned flight mission, Gao Jian served as the chief dispatcher in Beijing and began to take charge of himself. That is to say, in this flight mission, Gao Jian was widely concerned and was affectionately called "Beijing understands" by netizens.

  Reporter: In the beginning, when everyone paid so much attention to you, did you float away?

  Gao Jian: I've always been scared, really scared.

I have always had a clear understanding that what everyone is concerned about is definitely not me, but this position and the entire aerospace industry.

Or to put it another way, if I take off my clothes and don't sit in this position, I won't be able to get these evaluations.

In other words, I am a person who rubs off on the popularity of tasks, and I don't deserve such attention.

  Reporter: What was your state of mind when you said the words "Beijing understands"?

Still guilty?

  Gao Jian: No guilty conscience.

I slept pretty well before the God Twelve mission.

  Reporter: What is confidence?

  Gao Jian: Because I understand, it's really been a year and a half, I will silently recharge myself in the office at night, and I insist on this every day.

At the same time, in the joint adjustment training, I can feel more and more handy.

The most important thing is that I sat by my side before Shenba, Shenjiu, and Shenxian dispatched, and they will give me strong support.

  However, there are always surprises.

In the implementation of the Shenzhou 12 manned flight mission, Gao Jian also did not understand.

  Gao Jian: The commander of Shenzhou No. 12 directly reported that there was a "ghost image" in the field of view of the camera, and he just said such a state.

  Reporter: What was your reaction after hearing that?

  Gao Jian: Beijing understands, please wait a moment.

It is equivalent to my understanding at this time that I can hear what you say to me clearly.

  Reporter: But I don't understand.

  Gao Jian: But I really don't know how to deal with it. We may train on the ground for various extremely complex situations, but operations like "ghosting" are indeed not practiced.

And listening to the name is quite scary, what does "ghosting" mean?

In fact, when I was answering this schedule, my colleagues had already reminded me in the earphones, and they told me that this requires the astronauts to send manual commands to dim the light, and the astronauts can also complete the operation.

But it needs to be authorized by the ground to report this matter to the ground, which means that I am going to adjust the light. You can check the status of the spacecraft on the ground to see if it can be adjusted. That's what it means.

I said that got it.

  Reporter: Do you really understand this time?

  Gao Jian: This time I really understand.

  Reporter: How long did it take you to make a judgment and give a reply to the astronaut?

  Gao Jian: A few seconds.

  On September 17, 2021, the Shenzhou 12 return capsule landed safely at the Dongfeng Landing Site. The three-member crew of Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo returned home after a three-month space trip.

  Gao Jian: It may be summed up in a thousand words. As long as the astronauts are still in the sky, we will always care about them and provide them with such a support.

Being able to send them to their home in space, to be able to take them back, I think this pride will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

  Gao Jian: Because in the past two years, the key technology verification and construction stage tasks are relatively heavy, so the whole system and the whole line will work more overtime.

  Reporter: How long will you be working?

  Gao Jian: One or two o'clock, two or three o'clock.

  Reporter: Normal?

  Gao Jian: Often, you may have to come to work at 8 o'clock the next day, such an intensity.

At that time, I was really muttering in my heart, what are you doing to this point every day?

  Reporter: How do you convince yourself?

  Gao Jian: I can't convince it.

But the seniors said, if you keep persevering, you will wait until the task is completed, and then see if there is any such idea.

When I saw the success of this mission, a big red screen came up with tears in my eyes, and I meditated in my heart, how fragrant!