Lu Fan

  The Dragon Boat Festival is the first festival in China to be selected as an intangible cultural heritage in the world.

On the evening of June 3, the CCTV Comprehensive Channel of the Central Radio and Television Station broadcasted the large-scale cultural series "Ancient Rhyme and New Voices" Dragon Boat Festival program, in the form of "cultural relics exhibition + cultural interview + ancient style music and dance", digging the meaning of one thing and one song The long Dragon Boat Festival culture pursues the feelings of family and country that have been passed down for thousands of years in a poem and a meeting.

  In the interweaving resonance of culture and literature and art, Qu Yuan's famous poem "Chu Song: Fisherman" and the adapted song "Canglang Xing" contrasted interestingly. AR virtual technology led the audience to take a look at the Chudi River; the dance "Flying Dragon in the Sky" combined the cultural relics Nine Dragons "One-click activation" vividly presents the Chinese nation's long history of worshiping the dragon totem and the spirit of self-improvement; the acrobatic "Five-colored Threads" combines the "enlarged version" of the colorful ropes in the ancient painting "Duanyang Story Map: Tie Colored Silk". , reflecting the good wishes of people to pray for Najib and live a long life.

The story of "Xie An donating a fan" leads to the dance "Fan Dance Renfeng", which shows the quality and spirit of the fan and Yang Renfeng.

At the end of the show, an innovative presentation that spanned time and space made many viewers "tear".

The program team designed the "Ancestor of Chu Ci" and the "Nostalgic Poet" to have a dialogue on the same stage, and jointly complained about "Homecoming".

This family and country feeling that lasted for more than 2,000 years made netizens sigh: "The poems that I used to read, I really understand today."

  Cultural relics and cultural heritage carry the genes and blood of the Chinese nation, and are non-renewable and irreplaceable resources of Chinese excellent civilization.

How to make more cultural relics and cultural heritage come alive?

How to create a strong social atmosphere that inherits Chinese civilization?

Previously, the innovative models of "Ancient Rhyme New Year" and "Ancient Rhyme New Voice" Qingming programs "Cultural interviews begin, ancient music and dance narrate style" have been praised by audiences, and "appreciating songs and dances, improving aesthetics, and growing knowledge" have become the consensus of young audiences. .

This time, "Ancient Rhymes and New Voices" deeply excavated the cultural heritage of the Dragon Boat Festival, combined with the vivid and beautiful expression advantages of literary and artistic programs, and once again made a beneficial exploration of cultural communication.

  The inheritance of civilization is not a simple retro, but "to open up one's own life with the rules of the ancients".

As small as what spices are in the sachet, as large as the continuous context and national integrity, "Ancient Rhyme and New Voice" focuses on the cultural core of traditional festivals, connecting the feelings of family and country in traditional culture with the spirit of today's times, so that the audience can subtly It is deeply understood that the traditional festivals including the Dragon Boat Festival not only have thousands of years of cultural heritage, but also are constantly injected with new era connotations, and have the eternal charm of transcending time and space and transcending the country.