Surveillance continues even if the "polluting flow" loses intensity, a week after the fact.

During the night of Monday to Tuesday, an incident in a Vendée wastewater treatment plant caused significant pollution in the Yon river, after the discharge of wastewater.

So much so that the prefect had to take security measures: swimming, fishing, leisure activities are prohibited in the Yon and Lay rivers, between La Roche-sur-Yon and the town of Aiguillon. -the-Presqu'Ile.

Animal watering has also been banned since Friday.

The prefect of Vendée has also "given formal notice" to the operator of the Moulin Grimaud wastewater treatment plant, in particular so that he participates in the monitoring of the natural environment downstream of the station and that he conducts "a study on impact on the natural environment”.

But already, it has been established "a fish mortality of the main species present in this river over 2 km downstream of the station", indicates the prefect.

Other samples have been taken and are being analyzed.


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