A strange incident .. a mother gives birth to her granddaughter on behalf of her daughter


Shalise Smith, 50, gave birth to her granddaughter on May 17 after her daughter battled endometriosis and Sjögren's syndrome, an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks healthy parts of the body, meaning she can't have another child.

Shales said she made the "emotional decision" to become a surrogate mother after her daughter, Caitlin Munoz, 25, learned that she could not become pregnant again due to her health conditions, the Mirror reported.

Caitlin's last pregnancy was her two-year-old son, Callahan, through IVF, after four embryos were harvested in 2019.

But her diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome "shattered" their (and her husband's) dreams of expanding the family after doctors issued a stark warning about another pregnancy and the risks it could carry.

"I've been crushed, it's always been my dream to have a big family, it's been my dream to be a beacon to so many kids since I was a little girl," said the mother of five.

Mum/grandmother Shales said that she tried not to make an emotional decision at first, especially because of her advanced age. "With my age, I had to do a lot of health checks before I could have the confidence needed to be a surrogate."

After the procedures and examinations were completed, two embryos were implanted for her in September, and the matter ended with the birth of one granddaughter, Alina, who was born in good health and weighs 3.5 kg, in the presence of her daughter, husband and son-in-law, who were all in the delivery room for her birth.

"I was 50... I had a bad right leg, and with the pregnancy, my sciatic nerve was constricting," Shanese told Fox 13.

But "and to be 100 percent honest, it was one of the easiest pregnancies."

The grandmother said she knew "from the start that this wasn't my child, this was a gift for my daughter that she couldn't do for herself. I would do anything for any of my kids."

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