Integrating coffee and exhibition, the small shop of post-90s girls has a different taste

  The small shops on the streets and alleys are like serial columns in the city. No matter how life changes, they always record one after another vivid and heart-warming moving stories.

As the "capillaries" of the city's overall economy, when one small shop after another recovers from the predicament, the city's fireworks rise again.

The Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News series report "The Great Shop" is continuously updated. Today, let's approach Wang Yang, a post-90s entrepreneurial girl, to see what kind of vitality the coffee named "Oakmoss" has.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Yu Wenjun Zhang Chenye trainee reporter Tang Qingyu Xu Chaoyan Li Mingzhe

  Ordinary small shop extends extraordinary culture

  In the "Oakmoss" coffee shop in Jiangning, we met Wang Yang, the owner of the post-90s coffee shop.

This beautiful post-90s girl has multiple identities - a student, a curator, and the owner of three coffee shops.

  "The name of the coffee shop is oakmoss, inspired by a smell exhibition I organized. The smell of this plant is not particularly pleasant, but it brings healing power and vitality." Oakmoss 2019 Coffee opened its first store in Nanjing. Wang Yang said that her original intention was to make cheap coffee, like oak moss, to heal, accompany and work hard.

  As a curator, Wang Yang naturally thought that if he could integrate interesting and meaningful exhibitions into the coffee shop, he would definitely gain more cultural extension.

In three years, Oakmoss Coffee has opened its third store, Xinanli Store, in Nanjing. The special difference from the previous two stores is that the Xinanli Store conducts the space in the form of "coffee + exhibition + independent cultural and creative". With the new upgrade, "the exhibition will be changed every month, and the coffee will have corresponding special notes." Wang Yang said, "Three or five friends are here together, drinking good coffee and watching interesting exhibitions, which is in my heart. The most pleasant thing ever."

  Difficulty and warmth often go hand in hand

  Wang Yang is an optimistic girl who loves to laugh. "If I didn't have that group of friends, I might have given up long ago." At the end of 2019, Wang Yang's carefully planned "Emotional Smell" exhibition was well received in the industry, but another reality is that it is not It was a hit, the exhibition was not successful in the commercial dimension, and it was in a state of loss as a whole.

Wang Yang said that he fell into deep anxiety at that time, and thought of closing the coffee shop to pay back the money, but after the "creditor" friends learned about it, they all advised and expressed their position: "The money, don't be in a hurry to pay it back." Wang Yang said, " The help of my friends is the original strength that I must persevere no matter how many difficulties I encounter.”

  Since then, Wang Yang has continued to face various challenges in his entrepreneurial journey.

"When the first store just turned profitable, the venue suddenly asked me to close the store within ten days due to some uncontrollable factors." Whether a new venue can be found in a short period of time, and how to continue the service for old customers, many problems plagued Wang Yang , just when she was at a loss, she just got a friend to lend a helping hand to help her find a very satisfactory location for a coffee shop.

This year, Nanjing started the issuance of consumer coupons again in May. Wang Yang’s coffee shop also joined Alipay’s “delivery home” platform. The platform does not charge commissions, and the government helps to publicize it. Wang Yang’s small shop operation has received more support.

Wang Yang said that she was lucky because difficulties often caught her off guard, but help was always everywhere.

  At the end of the interview, Wang Yang said that although we cannot control the outcome of many things, our efforts will never be in vain.

In Nanjing, there are many small shop entrepreneurs like Wang Yang who have dreams and move forward bravely.