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  Every Chinese who works hard to live is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

For ten years, pay tribute to every struggle of you.

Let us work together to forge ahead in the new era, and work hard towards the future.

  [Explanation] As a "senior" drone pilot, Liu Supei's daily job is to "fly" various types of drones and record the world from the perspective of "birds".

Although in recent years, with the popularity of drones, more and more photography enthusiasts have become accustomed to overlooking the ground from the air, but for professional drone pilots, a qualified flight is not easy.

  [Concurrent] Liu Supei, a drone pilot in Xi'an

  When we arrive at a place, we may first need to report, and then we will fly.

Then it is generally up to you to choose the take-off point, where to take off, what to shoot, and then there is a choice of time. For example, we often catch the sky and fly in a "dense" environment. This is our aerial photography pilot. Compare a shot time of a gold.

  [Explanation] Through Liu Supei's drone lens, you can see the vitality of the city, the solemnity of historic sites, the mystery of mountains and mountains, and the heroism of rivers.

However, when people are amazed at these rare beauty, Liu Supei can always think of the hardships of drone pilots when shooting.

  [Concurrent] Liu Supei, a drone pilot in Xi'an

  Because our shooting is outdoors, we used to fly in Kanas, Xinjiang in winter at minus 35 (Celsius) degrees, and then we also shot in the desert, and the surface temperature also reached 70 (Celsius) degrees, that is to say, from low temperature to high temperature, We all had to climb outdoors too, and we went to Mount Everest to shoot.

So this kind of outdoor shooting, although the picture is very beautiful, but the process is actually more difficult.

  [Explanation] In the past ten years, Liu Supei's drone has a flying mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers and a flight time of more than 1,000 hours. The various video materials shot are filled with hundreds of mobile hard drives.

Liu Supei told reporters that images will "ferment" with the passage of time to develop a unique charm.

He often looks at the video materials of the past. Under the "processing" of time, these things that are usually invisible, can always see wonderful changes.

  [Concurrent] Liu Supei, a drone pilot in Xi'an

  Then sometimes we go to northern Shaanxi to shoot. In the past, there was a lot of wind and sand on the high loess slopes.

But in recent years, desert control work, and returning farmland to forests, etc., and after that, we feel that the ground is covered with more and more green plants, and it has changed from a loess high slope to a green high slope.

This aerial photography or the beauty precipitated by this time can be displayed.

  [Explanation] Years of hard work have made Liu Supei's team well-known in the industry.

With the increase in business volume, he began to try to "subtract" himself.

When communicating with domestic and foreign film and television institutions, Liu Supei always puts the first priority on how to show the beauty of China and people's positive living conditions.

Liu Supei said that as a drone pilot, no matter how high or far you fly, you always have to look down at your feet.

Only by focusing on the people and objects around you before taking off, and feeling the changes with your heart, can you shoot works with depth and warmth in the air.

  Reporter Party Tianye Xi'an

Responsible editor: [Liu Xingchen]