Script entertainment introduces a content rating system, some script killings contain conspiracy to murder people, drug addiction and other descriptions, expert advice

  □ Zhang Shoukun, a trainee reporter of this newspaper

  □ Our reporter Zhao Li

  In recent years, scripted entertainment business activities represented by "Script Killing" and "Escape Room" have developed rapidly. While meeting the diverse spiritual and cultural needs of the people, there have also been some bad content and hidden dangers, such as some scripted entertainment businesses. The activities involve illegal content such as pornography, violence, terror, etc., and there are security risks in some places.

  The protection of minors is the core of the security mechanism of the scripted entertainment safety industry, and it is also one of the most concerned issues of all sectors of society.

Recently, the China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Entertainment Association) held an online seminar with the theme of "How to Positively Protect the Rights and Interests of Minors" to empower the high-quality development of the scripted entertainment industry.

  It is understood that the "2021 China Script Killing Industry Development Status and Market Research Analysis Report" released by iiMedia Research shows that the urban population between the ages of 10 and 19 is the potential consumer group in the script killing industry.

In January 2022, the "Research on Immersive Entertainment Modes and Rights Protection for Teenagers" jointly released by the China Entertainment Association and the China Youth Research Center also showed that more than 65% of teenagers prefer to like escape room and script killing, among which junior high school students are higher than working youths. out 8%.

  At the seminar, experts generally believed that although minors are a major player in the scripted entertainment industry, there are few scripts and secret rooms specially designed for minor players, and the related creative content lacks a grading system and constraints. , resulting in uneven entertainment content of the script.

  Cheng Hui, director of the seventh procuratorial department of the People's Procuratorate of Minhang District, Shanghai, introduced that the procuratorate of Minhang District of Shanghai conducted a preliminary investigation and investigation on the problem of improper protection of minors in the secret room script killing industry. The acceptance of the horror of the secret room script killing industry is low, and 17.64% of minors cannot accept horror themes at all.

  "In the script killing, especially in the emotional version, it is easy for players to develop trust and affection for a specific character due to the progress of the plot, and minors may also be used by criminals because of this." Cheng Hui said that in some script content, there are conspiracies. Murder, prison escape and other plots, and even descriptions of drug use feelings.

As for the script and life, adults can distinguish it clearly and will not fall into it for a long time, while minors may have bad induction due to their incomplete physical and mental development.

  Sun Hongyan, director of the Children's Research Institute of the China Youth Research Center, said that after investigation, it was found that some businesses did not fulfill their obligations to remind them. The content of the script that is not suitable for minors to read will be given prompts, etc.

  In addition to affecting the mental health of minors, some stores also have major safety hazards.

Many experts pointed out that there are many factors that are unfavorable to the growth of young people in some secret room script killing places. For example, most of the stores are opened in commercial and residential houses and comprehensive shopping malls, and decoration materials, combustible props, and safety protection in closed environments are easy to produce. Fire safety hazards, some secret room scripts kill the script or scene design content is inappropriate, etc.

  "If there are potential safety hazards, scripted entertainment business activities such as escape room and script killing will bring two kinds of harm to children. One is personal injury. Many minors also report that after being frightened, they may fall during the process of chasing and escaping. , fractures, etc., the setting and quality of the game mechanism will also bring accidental injuries to minors such as being pinched by props; second, if the script contains horror, violence and other plots, it may have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of children. This kind of situation accounts for a higher proportion, and the impact on children lasts longer." Cheng Hui said.

  A number of experts said at the seminar that although the law on the protection of minors stipulates that the production, reproduction and dissemination of harmful substances that promote obscenity, pornography, violence, cults, superstition, gambling, suicide inducement, terrorism, separatism and extremism are prohibited. Books, newspapers, and online information, etc., containing minors' physical and mental health.

However, due to the rapid development of the scripted entertainment industry market, the low entry threshold and the lack of perfect industry rules, there are certain blind spots in the supervision of creative content and venues such as script killing and escape room.

Strengthening the self-discipline, self-examination and positive guidance of industry content safety, production and operation safety is the top priority of the industry, and it is also an important cornerstone of the industry's long-term development in the future.

  How can we promote the high-quality development of the script entertainment industry and escort the healthy cultural entertainment of minors?

  In the view of Wang Lei, a professor at the Department of Education of Capital Normal University, scripted entertainment, as a form of cultural entertainment that is deeply loved by minors, should reflect the value of "becoming a well-rounded person".

  "The concept of education should be regarded as the supporting concept of the industry. While adhering to the bottom line of content safety, we should create creations for people of different ages, match corresponding works and graded reading guidance methods, and convey correct values ​​to minors." Wang Lei Said that in the field of education, educational drama is already a mature direction and is very popular with children, which can be used as a reference for the future development model of scripted entertainment.

In addition, the "Guidelines for the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6" and "Chinese Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education" can also be used to explore content grading standards suitable for scripted entertainment.

  Cheng Hui suggested that the standards for the protection of minors should be fully considered in terms of script entertainment scene design and practitioner review.

It is necessary to strengthen the education and training of practitioners, strictly implement the entry review system, and prevent persons with criminal convictions such as sexual assault and violence from entering the team of secret room script killing practitioners.

Relevant departments should also instruct business units to perform mandatory reporting obligations once minors are found to be infringed or at risk during their work.

Enterprises should strengthen staff training and implement the installation of monitoring equipment.

  At the seminar, representatives of a number of script management agencies said that they would conduct industry self-examination and evaluation on issues of common concern to the general public, such as how to create and classify minor script entertainment products, and how to determine the main types of script entertainment products for minors. Further research to explore.

  On April 1 this year, five departments including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism jointly issued the "Notice on Regulating Script Entertainment Business Activities (Draft for Comment)", requiring that the script scripts used by the script entertainment business units should be set up with age-appropriate reminders and indicate the appropriate age range; If the scene is not suitable for minors, it should be prompted in a prominent position, and minors should not be allowed to enter.

Except for national statutory holidays, rest days and winter and summer vacations, scripted entertainment business activities shall not be provided to minors.

Encourage the creation of healthy and positive screenplays.

  Kong Ming, secretary general of the China Entertainment Association, said that the protection of minors will be an eternal topic in the development of the scripted entertainment industry. The establishment and implementation of the protection mechanism for minors has always attracted attention from all parties, and it also affects the policy environment for the development of the industry.

In the future, the China Entertainment Association will organize industry-university-research forces to continue to carry out multidisciplinary research on the protection of minors in this field, further improve the construction of the protection mechanism for minors in script entertainment, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.