A workshop organized by the "UAE Council"

In the absence of words.. 3 days with pages of silent books

  • Francesca emphasized that silent books create strong bonds between people with stories that express different cultures.

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  • Marwa Al-Aqroubi: “Silent books give a great ability to imagination and generate the ability to be satisfied with the image over the written text.”


For training on designing books that address the reader through the sense of sight without words, the Emirates Council on Books for Young People organized a workshop on the mechanisms of writing silent books, presented over three days by painter Francesca del Orto at the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, as part of the “Books… Made in the UAE” initiative. ».

The workshop participants learned how to formulate silent books in a way that attracts the reader, based on effective visual narration. The trainer chose “Al-Amal” as a topic for the application, with the aim of training in designing books that stimulate the readers’ imagination and introduce them to the events of the story.

Marwa Al-Aqroubi, President of the Emirates Council on Books for Young People, said: “Silent books are among the creative means in telling stories and conveying feelings to young readers. literary and cultural books that contribute to building cultural bridges and eliminating language barriers.”

Francesca del Orto said: “Silent books create strong bonds between people through stories that express different cultures, and that reflect the artist’s imagination and the reader’s experience together, as each reader becomes a co-author, and everyone who reads the book finds different stories between the pages of the book. The same silence.

In the absence of words in silent books, each reader must search in the images for experiences that reflect our common humanity, such as love, fear, family or hope.

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