Europe 1 with AFP 4:12 p.m., June 8, 2022

The pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca has published new positive data on the test of the anti-Covid-19 drug named Evusheld.

Tested in Europe, the United States, Japan and Latin America, this monoclonal antibody nurtures hopes of finding an alternative to the vaccine.

The British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca published this Wednesday June 8 new positive data on a phase three test for its anti-Covid-19 drug Evusheld.

These results published in the journal

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

 show that Evusheld "provides significant statistical protection against progression to a severe form of Covid-19 or death compared to the use of a placebo", writes AstraZeneca in a statement. 


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An alternative to the vaccine

This trial "shows the benefit of outpatient treatment with Evusheld of mild to moderate cases of Covid-19", according to the group.

During this trial entitled Tackle, "90% of participants had a risk of progression of their Covid-19 to a severe form because of comorbidities or their age", notes the laboratory. 

"Despite the success of vaccines, many people, especially the elderly or those with co-morbidities or who are immunocompromised, are still at risk of severe forms of Covid-19," commented Hugh Montgomery, professor of intensive care at University College London and the one of the test managers.

“Other options are needed to prevent disease progression and reduce the pressure on health systems, particularly in view of the emergence of new variants,” he added, quoted in the press release.


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Authorized marketing in the European Union

Evusheld has marketing authorization in the European Union and conditional authorization in Great Britain for preventive treatments.

A monoclonal antibody, this drug is also authorized in certain specific cases in the United States and applications for authorization in the prevention or treatment of Covid-19 are under study in several other countries.