• A jolly, plump waitress must contend between her customers and her teenage daughter.

  • An appetizing and comforting tale, "La Chance smiles at Madame Nikuko" celebrates food and love with joviality.

What an animated film that makes you hungry!

La Chance smiles at Madame Nikuko

by Ayumu Watanabe whets the viewer's appetite.

This gourmet tale, presented at the Annecy Festival in 2021, is inspired by a novel by Kanako Nishi and shares the gourmet life of a plump and smiling heroine who makes you want to sit down to eat.

The relationship between this good living woman and her daughter delights with their freshness and originality.

“Madame Nikuko is not a classic heroine, specifies the filmmaker.

Its plastic is not common in the world of Anime and it interested me to break away from the usual aesthetic codes.


A cumbersome mom

Mrs. Nikuko's imposing waistline makes this woman love life even more, but not only.

The various small dishes offered by the director of

Children of the Sea

(2019) are mouth-watering and celebrate the pleasures of the table with joviality.

Grilled meats to lick your lips and French toast golden to perfection allow this truculent mother to find common ground both with the customers of her restaurant and with her teenage daughter advancing by leaps and bounds towards her first love.

The latter finds that the lady takes up a lot of space with her build, her thunderous voice and her incorrigible taste for men quick to exploit her kindness.

But the tenderness she feels for her mother is communicated to

La Chance smiles at Mrs. Nikuko


This appetizing film has the sweetness of a succulent, comforting entremets, of those which immediately feel the desire to refill.

At table !

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