Wearing Hanfu and being "targeted" by security?

Do not involve "Hanfu discrimination" in ordinary disputes

  It is really unnecessary to add the gimmick of "Hanfu" to an ordinary dispute.

  According to media reports, at noon on May 26, Mr. Liu claimed to be wearing Hanfu to buy headphones at the Hangzhou Communication Equipment Market. The security guards at the market deliberately made things difficult for him.

The Mr. Liu also said that at that time, he felt that the security guards were targeting him everywhere and that he was insulted, so he called the police.

Not only that, but in a fit of emotion, he directly smashed the glass above the guard booth.

  Judging from the media's restoration of the incident, Mr. Liu and the security guard were somewhat overly aggressive in their words and actions.

Mr. Liu once said to the security guard, "What are you..." and the security guard was not polite, saying that Mr. Liu "dressed as a man or woman..." It is difficult for outsiders to judge who is against whom. No, it can only be said that if both of them could be more calm and rational, this dispute could have been avoided.

  But it is worth pondering that such an ordinary dispute has received extensive public attention because of the addition of the word "Hanfu".

If you only look at the title, I am afraid that many netizens will think that the reason why Mr. Liu was "targeted" is because he wears "Hanfu".

  In this way, Hanfu fans and supporters will naturally not be happy, and the matter seems to be interpreted as "discrimination" by security guards against traditional culture lovers.

If you read the news before and after, you may be able to avoid such misunderstandings.

  "The beauty of clothing is for China." In recent years, the national style and national trend have become popular, and Hanfu has become more and more popular in society, indicating that everyone has a growing sense of identification with traditional culture.

As the post-95s and post-00s go to the economic stage and become the main force of national trend consumption, the number and market size of Chinese Hanfu enthusiasts have grown rapidly.

According to statistics, the number of Hanfu enthusiasts is expected to reach 6.894 million in 2021, and the market sales scale will reach 10.1 billion yuan. The popularity of Hanfu is evident.

  The popularity of Hanfu culture and the rapid growth of the Hanfu market have made more people no longer think that Hanfu is a display or performance of fancy clothes.

Young people like Hanfu, and they also hope to inherit and promote traditional culture, so as to better develop such clothing culture in cultural exchanges.

Conversely, some people may have no feelings or misunderstandings about Hanfu, which may not be directly related to their attitude towards traditional culture.

Therefore, it is really unnecessary to add the gimmick of "Hanfu" to an ordinary dispute.

  In fact, compared to whether Hanfu has been discriminated against, the more pressing issue may be how to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture represented by Hanfu.

Chinese clothing is the clothing system with the richest connotations and the most profound meanings in the forest of clothing in the world.

Chinese traditional costumes contain rich history, culture, aesthetics and other content. Today, our costumes still have many elements that can be interpreted and played.

From this point of view, Hanfu should not be just a hot topic and a gimmick in the news. Only by truly paying attention to traditional culture and even clothing, and forming an atmosphere of learning traditional culture and wearing traditional clothing, will more ordinary people understand and like Hanfu, and then love it. on traditional culture.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Hu Sheng