Former President Donald Trump has rejected calls and efforts to reform gun ownership laws, and has mocked Democrats and activists calling for tighter gun purchases.

Amid the flood of gun killings in the United States, which results in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans annually, former President Donald Trump made his voice and offered a recipe he considered necessary for the impact of mass gun killings, especially those that occur in American schools.

Trump says that "the presence of evil in our world is no reason to disarm law-abiding citizens, the existence of evil is one of the best reasons to arm law-abiding citizens."

Trump concluded that the phenomenon of mass murder can be countered by providing more weapons in the hands of the citizens themselves.

Addressing a conference of the largest gun lobby groups, former President Donald Trump called on US lawmakers to prioritize funding school security over sending military aid to Ukraine.

Speaking at the NRA Conference, Trump wondered how the United States could have "40 billion dollars to send to Ukraine, but couldn't guarantee security in schools?", And in line with his famous "America First" principle, he said "Before we build the rest of the world, we must build safe schools for our children in our nation," Trump angrily said.

Trump rejects calls for tighter gun control, seeing it as a wrong recipe for which Americans who adhere to the rules of procedure for owning and using the firearms they need to defend themselves against "evil," as he said.

Trump says, "The presence of evil in our world is no reason to disarm law-abiding citizens. The existence of evil is one of the best reasons to arm law-abiding citizens."

Trump spoke 3 days after the gun massacre at an elementary school in Texas, which resulted in the killing of 19 fourth-grade students, as well as two teachers, which reignited the debate about gun control and how to prevent similar incidents.

The killing was carried out by an 18-year-old armed boy with an AR-15 rifle he had purchased legally.

During his speech, Trump read out the names of all 19 children, whom he described as "crazy" out-of-control victims, before noting that efforts to control gun purchases were "horrendous."

Trump called on Republicans and Democrats in every state, and at every level of government, to work together "to strengthen and secure our schools and ultimately protect our children. What we need now is top-down security reform in schools."

As part of that reform, Trump said buildings should have a "single" entry point, strong fences, and metal detectors.

He added that every school also needs armed officers, and trained teachers must carry weapons that are hidden in a way that students cannot see them.

Trump ignores the fact that such a measure is unrealistic, as many schools have thousands of students who could take hours to get in and out of buildings.

As a result, a single entrance can also pose a fire hazard.

"In the absence of law enforcement, there's no one you'd better be close to when a crisis strikes than a trained armed person capable of shooting," Trump said.

Trump rejects all initiatives to prevent mass shootings, including expanding background checks on purchase of such weapons.

Trump calls for tighter school security by providing armed guards at the school's only entry and exit point, rather than imposing restrictions on the purchase of weapons.

Like most Republicans, Trump has focused on the mental health issue of young people, although President Joe Biden has emphasized that other countries with stricter gun controls face the same mental problems as young people, but do not experience mass shootings on a regular basis as those in the United States. .

Trump believes that during his reign from 2017 to the end of 2020, he succeeded in securing a conservative majority in the Supreme Constitutional Court that could block any restrictions on the right to own and purchase guns, which made him a political symbol for all of the 101 million American gun owners.

The court takes its decisions by the majority of votes, and in recent decades the fateful decisions of the court have been taken by 5 votes to 4, which reflects a sharp polarization in American political life, but the court now has 6 conservative judges because of Trump's choices.

Trump's most prominent battles in which he won was the appointment of 3 judges to the Supreme Constitutional Court, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Emmy Connie Barrett, and the three judges are known to be socially conservative and religiously committed.

And the Supreme Court, consisting of 9 judges, has become tilted in favor of conservative forces, which may threaten any initiatives or laws that suggest toughening the right to bear arms, including more dangerous types such as automatic and semi-automatic weapons, despite the high frequency of mass killings in schools. and outside.

Trump is taking advantage of the state of political activity that followed the shootings and the deaths of many victims, to mobilize Republicans before the midterm elections, and to renew his leadership of the party.

He called on Trump to vote for candidates who are tough on crime, and for candidates who support the right to carry and buy guns without restrictions.

Trump asserts that the Republicans "will take back the House of Representatives, and we will restore the Senate in 2022, and in 2024, we will also restore the great and beautiful White House that we love and cherish so much."