Thirty complaints targeting nursing homes from the Korian group, in particular for "manslaughter", have been filed before a dozen prosecutors' offices in several regions, lawyer Sarah Saldmann told AFP on Tuesday, confirming information from the



These complaints against X come from 18 families of residents, for acts of "endangering the lives of others", "non-assistance to a person in danger" and "manslaughter".

They were filed in Aix-en-Provence, Bobigny, Bourges, Le Mans, Marseille, Nantes, Niort, Paris, Pau and Versailles, detailed Sarah Saldmann.

Korian reacted quickly, saying in a press release that the lawyer had "not taken action at any time to formalize the complaints of her clients and thus assert their interests".

"The Gravediggers"

The group "knows nothing of the content of these complaints and therefore cannot make any comment" and recalls that "all serious situations brought to (its) knowledge are dealt with and systematically declared to the authorities".

Sarah Saldmann was already at the origin of nearly 80 complaints filed in April in Nanterre against the Orpea group for similar facts, in the wake of the scandal triggered by the investigative book "Les Fossoyeurs" by journalist Victor Castanet.

Most of these procedures - apart from those concerning clinics of the Clinea subsidiary - have already "been investigated", she said.


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