The pill always passes.

According to a BVA survey, 60% of young women aged 15 to 19 and 56% of 20-24 year olds now use the pill as a means of contraception.

Satisfaction for the pharmaceutical company Effik, which commissioned this study and produced these drugs.

“Despite numerous increasingly significant controversies in recent years and all the false beliefs around the pills, the use of contraceptive pills retains a place of choice among young girls ahead of the condom (21%), the IUD (4% ) and the implant (3%)”, he says with satisfaction.

Figures similar to 2016

The pill remains the preferred contraception for young women since the results of the study are almost similar to those observed in 2016 by Public Health France in its Contraception Health Barometer.

At that time, 60.4% of 15-19 year olds and 59.5% of 20-24 year olds surveyed took it.

A few figures change, however, and in particular the proportion of young girls combining the pill and the condom.

In 7 years, it went from 16% to 16% among 15-19 year olds and from 7 to 13% among 20-24 year olds.


Antibody-based, hormone-free contraception?

It's possible, according to researchers


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This ECLAT study was carried out on 700 young French women aged 15 to 24 from a representative national sample.

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