The Japan Tourism Agency announced guidelines for travel agencies on the 7th, before the acceptance of foreign tourists will resume on the 10th of this month.

It includes the travel agency getting consent in advance from the tour participants to thoroughly implement infection control measures such as wearing masks.

On the 7th, the Japan Tourism Agency announced guidelines that reflect the results of a pilot tour to Japan conducted late last month.

According to the guidelines, when a travel agency sells a tour, it is necessary to take thorough infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask for participants, and private medical care in case of hospitalization or treatment in Japan. It includes explaining that you will get insurance and getting consent.

If you do not follow these steps, you may not be allowed to participate in the tour.

In addition, during the tour, the tour operator is required to give diligent attention to infection control depending on the situation.

On the other hand, in case a positive person appears, the travel agency is requested to confirm the consultation desk of the local government in advance, and then to specify the range of close contacts and how to respond to the medical institution of the positive person. I am.

Regarding the guidelines, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Saito said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting that "observing the contents will lead to the smooth resumption of tourism to Japan and the subsequent expansion of acceptance," and asked for understanding.