“Heung-Min Son, who even plays the role of captain of the opposing team, are you a moral book?”

Heung-Min Son “Walcle” Son, who scored a free kick goal against Chile and led Korea to a complete victory, is a hot topic.

As the Chilean players fought during the match, a video of Son Heung-min stopping him immediately went viral online, and netizens who saw this quickly gave their thumbs up saying that the instantaneous moment of Son Heung-min's dignity was captured on the camera of the spectators. erected.

This video, taken during the evaluation match against Chile at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 6th, shows Chilean defenders Paulo Dias (28, CA River Plate) and Benhamin Kuschevic (26, SE Paumeiras) having a verbal battle during the match. As the intensity grew, the scene was vividly captured as they bumped each other's shoulders and engaged in a fierce nerve battle.

Heung-Min Son, who witnessed this, immediately separated the two and actively mediates so that a bigger fight does not occur, even playing the role of captain of Chile.

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Regarding this scene, Chilean football media 'Goal Master' said that Son Heung-min prevented a bigger clash between Chilean players and said, "Tottenham's Korean star Son Heung-min luckily succeeded in separating them. Chile captain Gari Medel (35, Bologna) appeared only after Son Heung-min calmed down the situation."

Son Heung-min, who splendidly played the ground as a top striker in the match against Chile, a match for the Century Club (A match 100 appearances), scored a free-kick goal in the 46th minute of the second half to secure Korea's victory, shaking off the shock of the defeat against Brazil.

At a press conference immediately after the match, Chile's coach Verizo said, "If I had to pick an impressive Korean player, it would be Son Heung-min." I did.

To the famous scene of Son Heung-min stopping the Chilean players from fighting, domestic soccer fans responded enthusiastically, such as "You are both talented and tough!" and "Heung-Min Son, who even plays the role of the Chilean captain, is a moral book."