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In Masafer Yatta, the plight of Palestinian residents

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Palestinian workers walk to work, in the West Bank Bedouin community of Jinba, Masafer Yatta, Friday, May 6, 2022. Israel's Supreme Court upheld a long-running eviction against several Palestinian hamlets in the occupied West Bank, potentially leaving at least 1,000 homeless people.

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In the hills of southern Hebron, in the West Bank, a dozen small villages, the inhabitants see every week a string of diplomats, members of NGOs, activists, journalists... Because after two decades of proceedings, the High Court of Justice of Israel gave military authorization at the beginning of May to drive out this community of a thousand Palestinians to make this land a firing range for the training of the Israeli army.


This paves the way, some say, for the largest operation to displace Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the Six-Day War in 1967.

"In Masafer Yatta, the distress of Palestinian residents" is a great report by Alice Froussard.


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