There are very few series that endure in the series conversation beyond their second season.

The new releases and their own internal tiredness keep them away from sections like this one.

Stranger Thing

s doesn't


Or it happened but not anymore.

There is a lot of promotional campaign behind it (Netflix supports it very strongly) but also real popular relevance.

With the release of the first part of its fourth season,

Stranger Things

is back everywhere

, including on t-shirts from its successful deals with several popular clothing brands.

It has even managed to arouse interest in Kate Bush

in generations that did not even know of the existence of the artist.

Although most of the viewers of the series are old enough to instantly recognize


Running up that hill

so well integrated

into the fiction of the Duffer brothers.

The twins Matt and Ross Duffer have had

a gigantic budget

to produce the fourth installment of

Stranger Things


Converted since its premiere into

one of Netflix's flagships

, the series, however, lost the favor of many of its followers in the third season, which received criticism that it had never had until then.

It was also used as an example of

the obsession with audiovisual nostalgia that invades us


Or worse: because of that retro-nostalgia that Douglas Coupland defined so well in his

Generation X

, the novel that gave its name to that generation born between the late 60s and early 80s. To the creators of

Stranger Things

, born in 1984, we could include them, albeit barely, in it.

The fascination with the 80s and its youth cinema, which was always one of the foundations of her series, is in her case almost second-hand.

So in


it's third.

But it works.

Or rather, it worked.

And then it stopped working and now it's working again.

The fourth season is very enjoyable

, despite the absurd length of its episodes.

Stranger Things

now seems directed by a

Stranger Things

fan and that's great news.

Stranger Things

now feels like it was written by someone who watched its first season and became obsessed with it.

And with Kate Bush, of course.

The age of the Duffer brothers is very noticeable in one detail:

the way they use Winona Ryder in their series


There it is clear that they are too young to have remembered well why Winona was everything for a few years.

That knowledge cannot be reproduced by reading reports of the time.

Winona was a concept, a fantasy, and a



Someone ten years older than Matt and Ross would have taken better advantage of the enormous cache that the star perceives for playing

that Joyce Byers who at times is the


nothing .

Ryder comes out, yes, the first in the credits.

Because Winona (Forever) will be fragile, but not dumb.

She herself knows

what she means to the authentic Generation X


For us, Coupland's novel was the bible and Winona in

Reality Bites

was her (our) pin-up.


Stranger Things

Winona Ryder is "a lady" and that also has her point.

Maybe it's even done on purpose.

The reference of non-reference.

To the Duffer brothers now I do attribute the ability to do those things.

The fourth season of

Stranger Things

is the

Stranger Things

that was always meant to be and was only at the beginning.

That man in his forties you see in the gym wearing a

Stranger Things

t-shirt ... that gentleman is me.

The one who didn't get "Winona Forever" tattooed on him because he was already fucked.

Who was going to tell me.

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