'Sunday Man' Song Hae did not participate in the on-site recording of KBS 1TV 'National Singing Contest', which was resumed after more than two years.

According to the broadcaster today (the 5th), Songhae did not attend the recording of 'National Singing Contest' held yesterday at the special stage of Beopseongpo New Town, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Composer Lee Ho-seop and announcer Lim Su-min took the place of Song Hae as the host.

Song Hae's side explained, "There is nothing wrong with my health." "I was too old to travel to the countryside for a long time, so I couldn't participate in the filming."

Songhae was hospitalized in January this month and last month due to poor physical condition this year, and was also confirmed with Corona 19 in March.

He recently thought about leaving 'National Singing Pride' for health reasons, but he is currently discussing with the production team how to continue participating in the broadcast through studio recording.