A police officer opened fire in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the direction of a suspected minor, driving a stolen car, who threatened to run over an officer on the ground, said the Vienna prosecutor's office.

The driver, who claims to be a 14-year-old minor, was placed in police custody for "concealment, refusal to comply and attempted homicide on a person holding public authority".

Another investigation was also opened for "violence with a weapon by a person holding public authority", the public prosecutor in Vienna, Audrey Quey, told AFP.

The motorist hit, but not injured by the bullet

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, police officers are opposed to a refusal to comply with a badly parked motorist they wanted to control, in downtown Vienna.

The driver fled, hitting a police vehicle, then another, civilian, explained the prosecutor.

The fugitive is finally stopped.

A policeman arrives on foot at his height but is dragged several meters by the driver who wants to flee again.

The police officer falls while the driver tries to back up, thus risking running over the officer.

Another police officer then fired in the direction of the vehicle, only once, according to the prosecutor.

The motorist, whose car was stolen, finally gets out of the car, then loses consciousness.

Hospitalized, he would have been injured during the various accidents.

"He was not shot," said the prosecutor. 


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