Keeping personalized pets, beware of poison, you didn't discuss

  A few days ago, the dispatch and command center of the Beijing Emergency Center received a car call from a 17-year-old high school student who said he was bitten by his pet "Zhu Yeqing". The dispatcher quickly dispatched an ambulance to the patient's home.

When the ambulance arrived at the scene, it was found that the patient's index finger was bitten by a snake named "Zhu Yeqing" and was bleeding. The emergency personnel quickly sent the patient to the hospital for treatment.

  "Zhuyeqing" is a poisonous blood-circulating poisonous snake. They have a beautiful, jasper color and are very ornamental.

They are not very poisonous. Although they are blood-circulating poisonous snakes, they are far worse than pit vipers.

However, there is severe pain after being bitten by the Bamboo Leaf Green Snake.

In Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong and other provinces, Bamboo Leaf Green is the main snake species that causes venomous snake bites.

Although the bite of the bamboo leaf green snake is not life-threatening, there are many cases of bites, so it is very harmful.

  They excrete a small amount of venom when they bite, with an average of about 30 mg of venom per bite.

Its toxicity is mainly hemorrhagic changes, and the poisoned seldom die.

There is a small amount of oozing blood in the wound, severe pain, burning-like, local redness and swelling, which can be ruptured and develop rapidly.

  The typical feature of being bitten by this venomous snake is that bloody blisters are more common and appear earlier; systemic symptoms are generally less common.

Systemic symptoms include nausea, dizziness, and abdominal pain.

Some patients vomited blood, blood in the stool, and severe toxic shock.

  120 Beijing Emergency Center reminds the public that many teenagers now like to keep some small pets. Although pets are cute, they also have a dangerous side.

It is necessary for the owner to master the characteristics and habits of the pet, improve the safety awareness, and keep it in a safe area.

Especially if you keep poisonous snakes, lizards, poisonous frogs, lizards, etc. as pets, you must be careful, and you must not keep them illegally.

Text/Reporter Li Jie