It was delivered to the French Navy on November 6, 2020 in Toulon in the presence of the former Minister of the Armies Florence Parly.

But it is this Friday that the


, the first new generation French nuclear attack submarine (SNA) will enter active service on Friday in Brest.

The new Minister of the Armies Sébastien Lecornu will be present for the occasion.

Manufactured in Cherbourg by Naval Group, this 5,000-tonne submersible loaded with state-of-the-art technology and armament is the first in a series of six SNAs intended to replace Rubis-type submarines by 2030, in service since the 1980s.

The model Australia should have bought

The program called


, at an estimated cost of 9.1 billion euros, promises to equip the Navy with more discreet, more enduring, more armed submersibles, to protect precious buildings such as aircraft carriers and submarines. launchers carrying nuclear missiles, track down enemy submarines and gather intelligence.

This model of submarine should have been exported to Australia up to 12 copies, in a conventional version.

But to the chagrin of Paris, Canberra preferred to conclude a strategic partnership with the United States and Great Britain in early September, effectively canceling its contract with the French and causing a major diplomatic crisis between the allies.


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