• Solène is a content creator on TikTok specializing in elegance.

  • On the occasion of the Queen of England's jubilee, she showed us how to drink her tea like a real



  • Mastering good manners can be very useful, for example in the professional world.

If elegance is a style, at Solène, it has become a “state of mind”.

“A discipline, even”, specifies the young woman of 24 years.

For two years, this content creator has been sharing her advice on her TikTok account @soneeeeeel on how to become a real



On the occasion of the 70 years of reign of the Queen of England, she showed us how to drink her tea like Elizabeth II.

Knowing that you don't hold your cup of tea or coffee in the same way (everything is explained in the video), knowing how to lay a table in the rules of the art, stand at the table or in an armchair, this is not instinctive.

The codes of elegance, Solène learned them.

"I come from a completely normal family," she says.

When I entered the professional world, I was confronted with other codes.

I had trouble adapting, I felt out of step.

It was, for example, embarrassing for business lunches.


“To master good manners is to release a certain seriousness”

Thanks to the first confinement, the young woman documents herself, begins to learn.

“I discovered that many rules respond to a logic, that there is a story behind them.

Like not cutting your salad with your knife, because in the past vinegar oxidized the steel blades.

I found it fascinating,” she says.

Solène shares her discoveries on her TikTok account.

"Good manners are used every day," says the content creator.

To master them is to release a certain seriousness.

This is useful for a meeting with a banker or a job interview, for example.


Far from the somewhat outdated image that is sometimes attributed to good manners, more than 300,000 people have subscribed to his account in less than a year.

“I get a lot of messages from women who tell me that they feel more feminine, that they dare to wear dresses, listen to themselves more.

It is very touching to have their feedback.



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