China News Service, Kunming, June 3 (Luo Jie) On the 3rd, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. The reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism that Yunnan Province took the Dragon Boat Festival holiday as an opportunity to take multiple measures on the premise of keeping the bottom line of epidemic prevention. Promote the resumption of inter-provincial tourism.

  As one of the earliest regions in China's tourism development, Yunnan has attracted tourists from all over the world due to its rich biological resources, different climates, and diverse ethnic cultures.

In the post-epidemic era, Yunnan Province has successively issued a series of relief policies and implementation plans to effectively promote the recovery of the tourism market and boost the confidence and vitality of the industry.

  In order to effectively guide and stimulate the vitality of Yunnan's cultural tourism consumption, at 10:00 am on June 3, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism launched the second batch of the first round of 18 million yuan cultural tourism consumption coupons and refueling for tourists from the province and the whole country. Voucher distribution activities.

Tourists can grab coupons through the four platforms of Travel Yunnan, Ctrip, Tongcheng and Meituan to participate in parent-child tours, research tours, surrounding tours, and self-driving tours.

In addition, from June to July, the focus will be on the Dragon Boat Festival holiday and the summer vacation, which will be distributed in three rounds of not less than 100 million yuan of cultural tourism consumption coupons and gas coupons.

The picture shows the beautiful Honghe Hani Rice Terraces (data map).

Photo by Liu Ranyang

  At present, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism is planning to carry out themed publicity and promotion activities to attract Shanghai-focused tourists with special products such as "Road Trip", "Banshan Hotel", "Coffee Tourism", "Wild Fungus Tour" and "Research Travel". market.

In conjunction with KOLs (opinion leaders) in the field of new media platforms, enterprises in the "Top 100 Chinese Self-driving Clubs", and key enterprises in related fields, we will use self-driving cars in western Yunnan, searching for tea in the Lancang River, hiking on the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, cycling on the most beautiful road in the Nujiang River, and self-driving G219. The new business format is recommended in conjunction with the Mid-level Hotel, Coffee Manor, Tea Garden, Wild Mushroom Food and other products.

  The Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism requires that all prefectures (cities) in the province should actively connect with the main local tourist source markets, and encourage tourism associations and cultural tourism enterprises to go out to carry out precise marketing and expand the tourist source market.

At the same time, cultural and tourism enterprises are encouraged to innovate, transform and upgrade, plan to launch high-quality tourism products from Shanghai to Yunnan for Shanghai tourists, and encourage local tourism associations and sister city tourism associations to carry out cooperation in joint marketing and mutual delivery of tourists.