While monkeypox is progressing in Europe, the tomato flu is making its first patients in India.

Symptoms ?

Red rashes mainly affecting children.

20 Minutes

takes stock of this virus which worries but whose arrival in Europe remains hypothetical.

Where does tomato flu come from?

The tomato flu appeared a few weeks ago in India.

According to

India Today

, more than 80 cases have been identified since May 6 in children.

It is also the Indian media who have nicknamed this virus, the origin of which is unknown for the moment.

Two hypotheses have been put forward: a link with monkeypox, of which it shares symptoms, or a new form of "foot-hand-mouth", a very common infection in young children.

What are the symptoms ?

Tomato flu gets its name from the rashes it causes, in the form of "round" and "red blisters", reports

The Indian Express


They are present all over the body and are particularly “painful and contagious”.

Mouth irritations are also observed, due to the dehydration that goes hand in hand with the fever, vomiting and diarrhea observed by Indian doctors.

Testimonials also mention joint pain.

Should we fear it?

No death has been recorded for the moment, but we also know that there is no treatment yet.

Doctors can therefore only relieve symptoms while the infection passes, by advising rest, good hydration and not scratching.

An infection like any other, reassure several doctors.

In addition, an arrival of the tomato flu in Europe remains hypothetical for the moment.

Contamination seems to occur mainly between children under 5 and by direct contact, hence this comparison with the “foot-hand-mouth” virus.


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