On the morning of the 2nd, a fire broke out in a house in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, and two people were found dead in the burnt remains.

Police are rushing to confirm that the death was due to a couple living in this house.

Around 6 am on the 2nd, a neighbor reported to the fire department that "a fire is coming out from the second floor of the house" in Igi, Kurayoshi City.

Three fire trucks were dispatched and the fire was extinguished about an hour later, but part of a two-story wooden house was burnt and two people were found dead in the burnt remains.

According to police, Minoru Idomoto and her wife, who are in their 90s, live in this house, but they have lost contact after the fire.

The police are investigating the cause of the fire while confirming that it was Mr. Idomoto and his wife who died.

The site is a residential area about 900 meters south of JR Kurayoshi Station.

According to the Tottori Local Meteorological Observatory, a dryness warning has been issued throughout Tottori Prefecture from the 1st, calling for caution in handling fire.