Dahe Net News (Reporter Wang Yixiao) Participate in childhood, witness growth, send blessings through the air, and bring safety knowledge into the classroom.

Today is June 1st International Children's Day. Henan volunteers have prepared "June 1st" gifts for children in colorful forms.

The best gift is safety

  On the eve of June 1, the children received a lot of gifts, including toys and books... "I think safety is the best gift." Miao She, head of the Shanshui Social Worker Charity Volunteer Workstation in Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, told reporters, 5 On March 30, volunteers from Shanshui Social Workers in Zhongyuan District walked into Gezigou Primary School in Gaocheng Town, Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou City, and prepared a special gift for the children there - a children's safe survival training camp course.

  In the training camp, the children learned the six skills of blanket stretcher, lifting jack, anti-dumping furniture, AED cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Heimlich manoeuvre and knot escape through the explanations of volunteer teachers and on-site practice, Miao She said. : "Through these six skills, children can become proficient in survival skills when they encounter emergencies such as choking, earthquakes, and fires."

  "In this children's survival training camp, we moved the safety class to the playground." The teachers explained and practiced, and the children could participate in the challenges and break through.

Miao She told reporters that at the end of the safety class, all 163 students from Gezigou Primary School in Gaocheng Town, Dengfeng passed the child survival clearance assessment.

"Some children proudly told me that they must teach their parents these safety skills when they come home from school."

Cloud Accompanying Teacher sends blessings from the air

  "May you have love in your heart, light in your eyes, and be your own little sun!" "Childhood is short, and the future is very long. On the way of growth, I will always be by your side." "Let us bring a strong country to me. Let’s work together!” On the eve of the International Children’s Day, the cloud companion from the Huixian Volunteer Service Center in Xinxiang City recorded with heart and sent “Cloud blessings” to the children.

  Gao Chunxia, ​​a college student at Zhengzhou Normal University who sent "Cloud Blessings", told reporters that her Cloud Companion student is a slightly introverted child, "As we get along for a long time, we are now like friends, May 20 On that day, she also shared with me her first experience of 'starting a business' and selling flowers." Gao Chunxia said that the cloud companion activity is not only the company of students, but also a process of mutual experience and growth for teachers and students. " I am grateful for these companionship experiences.”

  Volunteer Lu Yiping and volunteer Pan Ao are both college students' cloud companion teachers from the Communication Disorders and Science Association of Nanjing Special Education College. On the eve of Children's Day, they also recorded a video of blessings for the accompanying children in Henan.

Volunteer Du Guangjian told reporters that in November 2020, Huixian Volunteer Service Center cooperated with Nanjing Special Education College Communication Disorders and Science Association, and more than 50 college students participated in the one-to-one "Cloud Accompanying Helping Children" program.

 Be their "Almighty Mom"

  At work, they are caregivers for orphans and disabled children, special education teachers, and social workers. In their spare time, they are "almighty mothers." A volunteer service team, and try my best to give more care and companionship to the children." Liu Dan of the volunteer service team of Zhengzhou Children's Welfare Institute told reporters.

  "June 1st Children's Day is an important festival for children. It is the biggest wish of 'mother' to let children have a happy and meaningful Children's Day." Volunteer Dang Yanan told reporters that in order to plan this Children's Day on June 1st During the activity, volunteers learned about the voices of the children in the orphanage through face-to-face conversations and collection of wish cards.

  "I want to eat a small cake, and I want to make a handmade cake painting and put it on my bed, so that the delicious cake will always be with me." Feng Yunxiao, a volunteer "mother" asked Sisi thinking what she wanted on June 1 As a gift for Children's Day, the once introverted and uncommunicative child expressed his thoughts with great confidence.

  "When I first met Sisi, she was inconvenient to move due to physical reasons and seldom spoke. Our communication was basically unresponsive." Volunteer Feng Yunxiao told reporters that in her daily life and the activities organized by the orphanage, She spends as much time with Sisi as possible.

With the encouragement of "mother", Sisi completed the phased study in the special education school. With the company of "mother", Sisi underwent surgery and can now walk with the aid of a walker.

The good health makes Sisi's personality brighter and more talkative.

"On Children's Day on June 1st, Sisi bravely participated in the group birthday party as the representative of the class. In addition to fulfilling her wish to eat cakes, she also took the initiative to applaud the students who participated in the performance." Jue, she is not only a teacher, but also Sisi's home-accompanying volunteer, witnessing the growth process of Sisi.

"Looking at the smiling faces of the children and listening to the hearty laughter of the children is very satisfying. This is the meaning of our volunteer service." Feng Yunxiao said.