In a case where seven people, including a Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau employee, were arrested for deceiving the "sustainable benefit" provided by the government to a business affected by the new coronavirus, the employees were former employees of a securities company. I got acquainted at an investment seminar that was held, and I learned from interviews with investigators that there was a suspicion that the former employee had begun to receive fraudulent payments at the suggestion.

Seven men and women in their twenties, including Kohei Tsukamoto (24), an employee of the Tsurumi Tax Office of the Tokyo National Tax Bureau in Yokohama, are said to have been disguised as sole proprietors, and their business income has dropped significantly due to the effects of the new coronavirus. He was arrested on suspicion of fraud for making the application and defrauding the country's sustainability benefits.

Five of them, including a former employee of a securities company, Ryusuke Nakamine (27), have already been indicted.

It is said that he was soliciting young people, mainly university students, to use LINE chat to instruct them on how to receive fraudulent payments and to apply for lies. After getting acquainted at an investment seminar, I learned from interviews with investigators that there was a suspicion that a former employee had begun to receive fraud at the suggestion.

It is believed that the benefits received were used for investment in crypto assets, etc., and a former employee stated to the investigation that "I did it to increase the investment amount quickly". ..

In addition, the staff was in charge of forging the final tax return documents required for the application.

The Metropolitan Police Department has so far made about 200 people apply for lies, and is investigating that it is suspected that they have received a total of 200 million yen illegally.

"I can't forgive" "The tip of the iceberg" Voices of resentment from people in the city

People in the city were angry about the fact that the staff of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau were arrested one after another for deceiving the national "sustainability benefit".

A man in his 70s, who runs an architectural firm, said, "I can't forgive the fact that even the staff of the National Tax Bureau is involved in a terrible case. I was talking.

In addition, a female office worker in her 50s said, "Although it is to pay people who are really in trouble as soon as possible, I would like you to check it carefully as long as taxes are being used. I think it is the tip of the iceberg, Japan. Is not a very moist country, so I would like you to collect it properly. "

A man in his 40s who ran a pub and received a "sustainable benefit" of 1 million yen said, "Thanks to the benefit, I was angry and disappointed because I was motivated to continue the store. I have a feeling that I am worried that if there is an incident like this, even those who receive the regular benefits will have a bad impression. "