Director Park Chan-wook, who won the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for

<Anchor> , held the first public event after returning to Korea with the actors.

Director Park said that the reaction of the Korean audience is more important than winning another award at Cannes.

Reporter Lee Joo-hyeong visited the movie production report.


The three main characters of 'The Decision to Break Up' appeared like a movie with the trailer music against the background of a pictorial poster such as a portrait of the Mona Lisa.

Director Park Chan-wook, who had already received the Cannes Jury Grand Prize and the Director's Award, seemed to be somewhat premiered at the award, as if he had received enough.

[Park Chan-wook / 'Decision to Break Up' Director: Rather than winning the third award, the most important issue is how the audience will view it as it is released in Korea.

In particular, this film has a lot more things that only Koreans can understand than other films made before.]

In particular, he said that he wanted Chinese actor Tang Wei's Korean acting to evoke strange emotions in Koreans.

[Park Chan-wook/Director of 'Determination to Break Up': It would be great if you listen carefully and listen to unfamiliar Korean language and think about how we feel about others.]

Tang Wei, who appeared in his second Korean film, is relaxed and confident as an international actor. He also led the atmosphere of the meeting hall.

[Tang Wei / 'Decision to break up' Actor: There is a place I will never forget during the film location, so I will go back to it.

Looking at his 60th birthday at the Hollywood Kid, Director Park expressed his affection for the movies he sees in theaters as the director of Upgil, who represents Korean cinema.

[Park Chan-wook / 'Decision to Break Up' Director: Not only 'Decision to break up', but also 'Broker', where Song Kang-ho won the Best Actor award, and 'Crime City' 2, the forgotten feeling of seeing a movie at a movie theater was like this. I would like to suggest that you bring it back to life.]

(Video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)