【Audio-visual observation】

  Recently, the online drama "The Showdown", the online movie "Leaves on the Golden Mountain" and other works have appeared in the opening title of the "Internet audio-visual" style.

Once this "web logo" as a sign of the "Internet Drama Distribution License" came out, it not only aroused widespread attention from the society, but also marked that web dramas, web movies, web cartoons, etc. have since then had a true "identity card" ".

This is a strong signal of iterative upgrade of network audio-visual management.

  The emergence of "net mark" is a significant sign of the standardization of industry management.

In recent years, online audio-visual literature and art represented by online film and television dramas have developed rapidly. A large number of excellent online film and television works such as "In the Field of Hope", "Agreement", "Huang Wenxiu", "Blood on the Unknown River", "Tibetan Grass and Green Green", etc. The idea, or the quality of production, has been on par with traditional high-quality film and television works, and has won good social and economic benefits.

Correspondingly, it is imperative to upgrade management methods, optimize management efficiency, and implement the "same standard online and offline".

Behind the newly released "web label" is that the state has officially included the review of domestic online dramas into the administrative licensing matters.

The implementation of this system is an important measure for the management department to adapt to the new trends and changes in the development of the industry, strengthen the guidance of online audio-visual literature and art, improve the management system of online audio-visual content, and further cultivate a good online literature and art ecology.

For the online audio-visual industry, the issuance of the "web logo" is a milestone in the development of online audio-visual content, and it is also a recognition and affirmation of the ingenuity of the majority of online audio-visual practitioners for many years, which means that the development of the online audio-visual industry has opened a new historical milestone. Chapter, embarked on a new journey of the times.

  The emergence of "web label" has a positive effect on promoting the development of the platform economy.

The platform economy is the new way of organizing productivity in the digital age.

At present, online audio-visual has become a popular business in my country's Internet field and an indispensable and important part of the platform economy.

According to statistics from relevant departments, as of December 2021, the number of online audio-visual users in my country reached 975 million, accounting for 94.5% of the number of netizens.

The online audio-visual industry has gone through the extensive stage of brutal growth and the bottleneck stage of weak innovation, and will gradually move towards a stage of healthy and orderly high-quality development.

At present, although the online audio-visual industry is affected by the economic environment, as long as the entire industry adheres to innovation, standardized development, and strives to move forward, it will be able to overcome all difficulties and challenges.

Blacksmithing also needs to be hard on its own, and a hundred refining can produce fine steel.

The issuance of the "Internet Label" is a powerful driving force to lead the network audio-visual practitioners to make persistent efforts and make persistent efforts to promote the professionalization, quality and standardization of network audio-visual creation and dissemination. The people's new expectations for a better spiritual and cultural life, and a favorable opportunity to achieve their own sustainable, healthy and prosperous development.

  The emergence of the "web label" demonstrates the governance concept of both standardization and leadership, and equal emphasis on management and service.

In the field of the Internet, positive energy is always a requirement, managing it is the last word, and using it well is a real skill.

In the long run, regulating according to law and promoting development are not contradictory, but complement and promote each other.

This move is to better promote the industry to regulate and prosper in the development.

The issuance of the "Internet Label" is not only an important measure for the management department to promote the high-quality development of online audio-visual content, but also a clear sign of deepening the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service" and steadily promoting the standardization, standardization and facilitation of matters related to the administration of administrative licensing services in the online audio-visual field. .

By showing the "identity card" and publishing relevant legal conditions and legal procedures, the main body of the industry can not only clearly know "what cannot be done", but also clearly know "how to do it" and "how to do it better". It shows the new thinking and new actions of the management department in leading the creation, serving the industry, and building consensus.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year this year, the "Chinese Dream, My Dream - 2022 China Online Audiovisual Annual Ceremony", hosted by the China Television Arts Committee and jointly broadcasted by 7 major online audiovisual platforms, aroused strong responses from all walks of life. A vivid portrayal of this management philosophy and thinking.

Facing the downward pressure on the economy and the temporary difficulties encountered by the industry, confidence is more precious than gold.

Many practitioners said that these successive active actions in management have enabled the industry to see the positive value and development potential of the online audio-visual industry, and they are also full of confidence in the future.

  At the same time, it should be recognized that the new measure of "web labeling" has put forward higher requirements on the quality of creation and production.

"Content is king" has always been the iron law for the development of the online audio-visual industry.

High-quality content is the foundation, development, and prosperity of all platforms in the omni-media era.

The birth of this "web label" is, in a sense, a "reverse force" for the development of high-quality online audio-visual industry.

The majority of practitioners should take this as a new starting point and a new opportunity, roll up their sleeves and work hard, start again with confidence, and strive to create and produce more excellent online audio-visual literature and art works with profound thinking, exquisite art and well-made production.

Only by more consciously integrating mainstream values ​​into the works, further upholding the spirit of ingenuity, and improving the quality of creation, can the "web label" take root in the industry and effectively play a role in promoting the high-quality development of the industry.

  (Author: Yi Weiping)