A former employee of NHK's affiliated organization "NHK Global Media Service" was arrested on suspicion of fraud for deceiving about 1 million yen worth of Shinkansen tickets from a travel agency while pretending to be a business trip for program production. rice field.

The person arrested was Kenji Kawasaki, a 44-year-old former employee of NHK Global Media Service.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there is a suspicion of fraud in October last year, alleging that 120 Shinkansen tickets, worth about 1 million yen, were deceived from a travel agency.

He was repeatedly fraudulently taking the Shinkansen tickets he received by applying to a travel agency under the guise of a business trip for program production to the JR window, receiving refunds, and cashing them.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, he admits to the investigation that "I'm sure I did it."

In addition, he did not pay the travel agency about 28 million yen in total, which he had monetized, and used it for loan payments and gambling.

NHK Global Media Service commented, "We deeply apologize. We will take thorough measures to prevent recurrence in the future."