China News Service, Zhengzhou, June 1 (Yang Dayong) Improve the flat command mechanism, comprehensively carry out the evaluation of the plan, the rectification of the unannounced inspections and the implementation of the flood preparedness measures... The reporter learned from the office of the Henan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters today that Henan issued "" Henan Province's 2022 Flood Control Emergency Work Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), further improve the flood control work system and mechanism, and effectively respond to heavy rains and floods.

  The "Plan" is clear, the flat command mechanism is improved, and the provincial defense refers to the establishment of a special class for flood control emergency ABC dispatching and commanding, and a special class mechanism for expert analysis, research and judgment.

Build a command information platform of "one picture" and "one net" for flood control command to provide support for research and judgment of command and decision-making.

  Set up 15 special classes for flood control command and dispatch, emergency transfer, avoidance and disaster relief, reservoir, river and mountain torrent disaster prevention, urban and rural waterlogging prevention, etc., and further improve the operation mechanism of special classes.

Set up 9 flood control emergency expert guidance groups, establish a supervision and guidance mechanism, evaluate the implementation of the flood control emergency plan, supervise, guide, and inspect the implementation of flood preparedness measures in cities and counties, and the prevention and response of heavy rain and floods during the flood season.

  The "Plan" requires that all relevant departments at all levels should take the form of open and unannounced visits to carry out hidden danger investigations, focusing on the inspection and rectification of weak links in the flood season in 2021 and the implementation of flood preparation measures in 2022.

For the problems identified, a list of "problems, tasks, and responsibilities" will be implemented.

All levels of anti-indication and related units should implement emergency shelters in accordance with the flood control emergency risk avoidance plan, and clarify the responsible units and responsible persons for each link.

  It is necessary to implement the flood control material team, carry out an investigation on the current situation of flood control material reserves in the province, implement reserve funds, and ensure that emergency materials, life-saving equipment, drainage equipment, rescue equipment, and disaster relief materials are "adequately prepared, available, and usable."

It is necessary to incorporate flood control emergency into the training content of party schools (administrative colleges) at all levels, and strengthen the rotation training of flood control emergency services for member units at all levels.

It is necessary to strengthen the publicity and education of flood control emergency in combination with the establishment of "three zero" villages (communities) and safe disaster reduction communities, and promote the "five advancements" of flood control emergency knowledge.

  In addition, it is necessary to revise and improve the emergency plan for flood control, and carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the plan.

All cities, counties, industry departments, and enterprises and institutions must adhere to the full-process deduction, all-factor allocation, and full-chain practice, and strengthen emergency drills by disaster type, level, and region.

Strengthen the transformation and upgrading of monitoring and early warning equipment, facilities and system platforms such as meteorology, water conservancy, geological disasters, and urban flood control and drainage, and implement 24-hour rolling research and judgment and encrypted forecast during key periods.

All levels of prevention and control should establish and improve a mechanism for consultation and judgment on extreme weather and major risks, and strengthen the construction of an expert database for flood control and disaster relief.

All relevant departments at all levels should strengthen the early warning of meteorological disasters, reservoirs, rivers and mountain torrent disasters, and release early warning information as soon as possible.

According to the research and judgment, start the emergency response in a timely manner, issue mobilization and mandatory response instructions in a timely manner, and guide the disaster-stricken areas to decisively take measures such as "stop, drop, close, withdraw, and dismantle".

  At the same time, it is required that all levels of prevention and control give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations and trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation and other mass organizations, organize and mobilize and guide the majority of party members, government officials, employees of enterprises and institutions, and volunteers to care and support flood control and disaster relief work, forming a whole society. The pattern of joint participation in flood control and emergency work.