Recruitment interviews for major companies for university students graduating next spring began in earnest on June 1.

The job openings-to-applicants ratio has turned to an increase for the first time in four years due to the movement to resume hiring due to the normalization of economic activities in aviation, travel, accommodation, etc., which had been postponed due to the influence of the new corona.

▽ What is the tendency of job hunting this year?

▽ What is a "job hunting agent" that is said to be widely used?

I will tell you in detail along with the movement of the day.

It is the head office of Sompo Japan, a major non-life insurance company in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

The first online interview started from June 1st for university students who will graduate next spring, and the interviewer asked the students about their motives and what they did during their school days through the tablet terminal. ..

The company will conduct the interview online and then the final interview will be face-to-face.

A student in Tokyo who was interviewed said, "I'm used to job hunting online, so the face-to-face interview seems nervous, but I want to keep calm."

There is also a move to resume selection for the first time in 3 years

All Nippon Airways will resume the selection of general clerical and technical jobs from the 1st for those who will graduate from university next spring.

As aviation demand is on a recovery trend, with the acceptance of foreign tourists resumed from the 10th of this month, the company plans to resume selection for the first time in three years and hire about 55 general employees.

However, the number of general employees hired is only about half that before the spread of the infection, and the hiring of flight attendants has been postponed. The influence of the new corona is still continuing.

Nobuki Katagiri, general manager of the ANA Personnel Department, said, "I am frankly happy that we were able to resume hiring, and I think it will lead to the vitality of the company. ..

This trend (1) "Seller market"

According to a survey conducted by Recruit, a major information service company, from January to March, targeting more than 7,000 companies, the number of job offers for companies nationwide is estimated to be more than 700,000, the same period of the previous year. It has increased by about 30,000.

On the other hand, the number of university students and graduate students who are planning to graduate next spring and want to get a job at a company is estimated to be about 450,000, which is almost the same, and how many jobs are there from the company for each student? The job openings-to-applicants ratio is 1.58 times.

It is 0.08 points higher than the survey conducted at the same time in the previous year, and has started to rise for the first time in four years.

This trend (2) "Early recruitment activities"

On the other hand, in a survey of university students graduating next spring by Recruit in the middle of last month, the percentage of students who have already obtained a job offer has risen to about 65%, which is more than 6 points higher than the same period of the previous year. did.

In addition, more than half of the people who got a job offer, 56%, got a job offer from two or more companies, which is about 2 points higher than last year and 12 points higher than that of adults.

In addition, about 45% of all students who have already decided their careers are about 6 points higher than the same period of the previous year, and they are hired due to the normalization of economic activities and labor shortages from the Korona-ka. The number of companies that accelerate their activities is expanding.

Expert "Movement to acquire human resources firmly"

Regarding recruitment activities for this year, Takayoshi Kurita, director of Recruit's Employment Mirai Research Institute, said, "Many companies have been affected by the new Corona, but it is the third year of Korona-ka, and it is assumed that the impact will continue. While thinking about the strategy of how to grow, I think there is a movement to acquire human resources firmly. "

On top of that, regarding the fact that recruitment activities are progressing ahead of schedule, "Amid the progress of digitalization in society, there is a strong desire to hire mainly in the IT industry, and in addition to the fact that companies are also moving online in recruitment activities, the speed of selection is increasing. Isn't it the reason why the increase is the reason why we started to make an offer at an early stage in a wide range of industries? "

What is the "Job Hunting Agent" service?

On the other hand, a service called "Job Hunting Agent" is spreading, where university students who are looking for a job receive interview guidance and job introductions.

A human resources service company located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo started the service of "Job Hunting Agent" in 2014.

University students who want to get a job can use the service by registering on the company's site, and employees called "advisors" can correct entry sheets and receive interview guidance in person or online.

Mechanism of "Job Hunting Agent"

A human resources service company will introduce students to job listings from companies that wish to hire students.

In response to the referral, students take a employment examination, and when they proceed to a job offer and consent to join the company, a referral fee is charged by the company.

As a general rule, students can receive this service free of charge.

It is said that interviewing a human resources service company has the advantage that students can consult about job hunting and be introduced to the company according to their desired industry and working style.

On the other hand, companies wishing to hire students are said to have the advantage of securing excellent human resources by having students introduce their jobs through a human resources service company, which will increase the number of students taking the employment examination. ..

While I couldn't consult because of Korona-ka ...

The number of users of this company began to increase around 2018, and the number of registered students was about 66,000 for students who got a job this spring, an increase of about 11,000 from the previous year, compared to two years ago. It means that the number of people has increased by about 20,000.

The company currently has contracts with about 800 companies that want to secure human resources, and it is said that the number is increasing.

Ai Inaba of the public relations department of the human resources service company "Rear Stage" said, "Students who continue job hunting due to Corona's illness have less chance to consult with friends and seniors, and I think that there are many cases where job hunting agents are used instead. I want students to continue to provide that environment as a place where they can discuss their concerns. "

Students who used the service

A fourth-grade male who used the service was worried about how to proceed with job hunting because many of the university classes were online and there were fewer opportunities for face-to-face consultation.

Men wanted to get information about the company and consult about job hunting, so they started using "Job Hunting Agent" around December last year.

While consulting with the "advisor" who is in charge of me, I also received guidance in interviews, thinking about what kind of industry I want and what to prioritize in employment.

At first, I wanted to work in the sales position, but I wanted to get a qualification, so I was interviewed for a "system engineer" from the IT company I was introduced to, and got a job offer.

"I'm grateful to be able to use these services for free because I often didn't know about job hunting. I'm very grateful that I felt that I was less likely to get information about job hunting in Corona." I did.

In some cases, a company that is different from your wishes is recommended

On the other hand, some students say that they have trouble responding to companies that promote companies that are different from their own wishes regarding these services.

It is said that a woman who used a "job hunting agent" from March, when she was in the third year of university, got a job offer from the company she was introduced to.

However, about a week later, she received a job offer from another company she had searched for in terms of her treatment and benefits, so she told a person in charge of a human resources service company that she wanted to decline her job offer. Did.

The next day she was called again by the person in charge and said she was persuaded to reconsider for about an hour and a half, but she said she had trouble responding.

The woman said, "If I say something, I've been arguing that I can grow more, ignoring my hope. I think I had a good relationship until then, but at that time. The person in charge also felt frustrated. I think some students can't refuse. "

Also, when I tried to get a job at a company that got a job offer using a "job hunting agent", there was a voice that the working conditions were different from what I heard from the person in charge.

According to the man interviewed, the person in charge of the human resources service company told me that overtime work for one month was about 20 hours, but when I started working, I had to work overtime for about 60 hours every month.

Also, I heard that overtime pay is paid only for the hours of overtime work, but there were months when it was not paid at all.

University “Think for yourself, not just leave it to the company”

Students who use "Job Hunting Agents" have asked us that they are having trouble responding, and some universities are calling attention to prevent problems.

Last year, Gakushuin University in Toshima-ku, Tokyo made a video calling attention to the use of "Job Hunting Agents".

In the video, in addition to the business structure of the "job hunting agent", you can clearly tell the human resources service company the working conditions and industry of the company you want to work for, and you can think about job hunting by yourself instead of leaving it to the company alone. We are calling attention to such things as advancing.

The university also tells us that even if a student uses a "job hunting agent" to get a job offer, he / she can decline the job offer if he / she wants to get a job at another company.

Job hunting that you can think for yourself and be convinced

Mr. Honest Tanide, a recruitment consultant who is familiar with student job hunting activities, said that there are merits such as being able to know more companies for students who use "Job Hunting Agent", while the human resources service company is a student as a business. He points out that it is important to understand and use the service provided free of charge.

Mr. Tanide said, "It is important to listen to the advice of people with various ideas through job hunting agents, but in order to get a job hunting that is convincing, I think about what kind of work I want to do and what kind of company I want to work for. It is important to promote job hunting. "

Also, if you have any troubles or worries about using a job hunting agent, I would like you to consult with the career center of the university.