China News Agency, Beijing, June 1 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Resources of China on the 1st that from the 1st, China has entered the flood season in an all-round way, and the situation of flood and drought disaster prevention has become increasingly tense. The Ministry of Water Resources has deployed to strengthen flood and drought disaster prevention.

  The Ministry of Water Resources held a meeting to analyze and judge the current situation of rain, water and flood conditions, and required water conservancy departments at all levels to fully compact and compact their defense responsibilities, and resolutely defend the bottom line of flood and drought disaster defense.

  The meeting called for continuous investigation and rectification of prominent problems in rivers, reservoirs, and flood storage and detention areas to eliminate hidden risks.

Closely monitor rain and water conditions and flood conditions, strengthen forecasting, forecasting, early warning, consultation and judgment, initiate emergency response in a timely manner, scientifically dispatch water works in the basin, and provide technical support for flood fighting and emergency rescue.

Supervise and urge the persons responsible for flood control of the reservoir to take up their posts in a timely manner, strengthen the supervision of the operation and operation of the reservoir, strictly prohibit the operation of exceeding the flood limit water level in violation of regulations, and in principle, all the reservoirs in danger will operate empty during the main flood season, strengthen the patrol duty and emergency transfer, and strictly prevent the occurrence of dam collapse.

Strengthen the monitoring and forecasting of floods and mountain torrents in small and medium-sized rivers, issue early warnings in a timely manner, and ask grass-roots governments to organize the transfer of people from dangerous areas to ensure life safety.

Strictly implement the 24-hour flood control duty system, and report major emergencies as soon as possible.

Adhere to positive publicity, and enhance the public's awareness of disaster prevention and avoidance and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities.

  The Ministry of Water Resources has issued notices to local water conservancy bureaus and river basin management agencies, and put forward clear and specific requirements for further prevention of flood and drought disasters.