Due to the high pressure, it is difficult to expect rain today (the 2nd) as well.

The air is dry, but in the central and southern parts of Gangwon and some areas of Chungcheong and Yeongnam, the effective humidity has fallen below 35% and a dry warning is continuing.

As news of fire accidents, large and small, are often heard these days, you must thoroughly manage the fire.

During the day, the scorching heat of the sun continues.

In particular, in the southern regions that look red, the temperatures in Gyeongsan and Miryang soar to a whopping 34 degrees Celsius, and it will be hot in midsummer.

If you look at the current satellite imagery, the skies across the country are so clear.

Atmospheric flow will be smooth, and UV rays will shine strongly during the day.

If you look at the current temperature, Seoul's temperature is 18.4 degrees Celsius and Daegu is 20.1 degrees Celsius, starting slightly higher than yesterday.

Tomorrow, Dano, the daytime high temperature in Seoul will soar to a whopping 32 degrees Celsius, and the daytime heat will reach its peak.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)