Zhang Chunyi

  Five years ago, 9-year-old daughter Xiaofang was found to have 100 degrees of myopia. Beijing citizen Liu Xiaoli took her to try various myopia treatment methods: Chinese medicine massage, eye patch, 3D training... Now, Xiaofang's degree of myopia is on the contrary. rose to 375 degrees.

There are many parents who have similar experiences and concerns.

Some businesses seized the anxiety of parents and launched a variety of myopia treatment products and therapies, while some parents who used it bluntly said that they were "pitted".

(The Rule of Law Daily, May 30)

  In recent years, the myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country has been at a high level.

According to data from the National Health Commission, in 2020, the overall myopia rate among Chinese children and adolescents will reach 52.7%, 35.6% in primary school, and 80.5% in high school.

Myopia seriously affects people's study, work and life, and may also bring a series of sequelae and complications.

Many parents who love their children take their children everywhere to seek medical advice, hoping to help their children take off their glasses and get rid of myopia.

  In the face of huge market demand, various myopia rehabilitation treatment institutions have sprung up.

From massage and acupuncture, to physical therapy, to various folk remedies, there are various treatment methods, which cost thousands of dollars, but have little effect.

Despite this, there are still many parents who have the mentality of "would rather try and make mistakes than let go" and spare no effort to find "coups" that can cure myopia.

  Parents' feelings are understandable, but a lot of facts show that the use of so-called myopia rehabilitation products and services has little effect.

The mechanism of myopia is that the axial length of the eye becomes longer, resulting in objects that cannot be clearly displayed on the retina, just as a person cannot become shorter after he grows taller, and after the length of the eye axis becomes longer, it cannot become shorter.

Although in the eyes of some parents, the child's eyes are still in the developmental stage, and the vision has not yet been finalized. Trying more methods may produce miracles, but it is an indisputable fact that myopia is irreversible.

The truth is a bit cruel, but we must face it calmly.

  In this regard, the relevant departments have repeatedly reminded.

In April 2019, six departments including the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the Correction of Myopia in Children and Adolescents and Strengthening Supervision", clearly stating that "under the current medical technology conditions, myopia cannot be cured".

From November last year to March this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation specially carried out a special rectification campaign for illegal commercial marketing and publicity of children and adolescents myopia prevention and control products, and strictly investigated and punished the use of "rehabilitation", "recovery", "reduction" and "myopia cure" in accordance with the law. Misleading expressions such as "Myopia Killer" and "Degree Repair" are used for marketing and promotion.

As the Children's Day is approaching this year, the China Consumers Association once again reminds the majority of children, adolescents and parents: Don't believe in the so-called advertisements for the treatment of myopia. The key to prevention and control of myopia is to focus on early and young children. Scientific use of eyes and appropriate outdoor activities can only be achieved. It is "good medicine".

  For the majority of parents, it is better to spend money on preventing and controlling children's myopia.

Studies have shown that outdoor activity time is negatively correlated with the incidence of myopia. Sufficient light can promote the secretion of dopamine in the retina of the eye and effectively prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.

In October last year, the General Office of the National Health and Medical Commission issued the "Guidelines for Appropriate Techniques for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents (Updated)", which clearly put forward the requirement of "120 minutes outdoors every day, 60 minutes in and out of school".

In addition to schools increasing students' extracurricular activities and sports activities, parents should also take time out of work to accompany their children to outdoor activities and "bathe in the sun".

At the same time, parents should strengthen the supervision and guidance of children, help children develop good habits of scientific, healthy and hygienic eyes, read and write with correct posture and distance, and choose and use electronic products reasonably.

  In a word, to prevent and curb myopia in young people, it is better to spend more money on scientific protection rather than blindly seeking medical treatment.