In the accident where a sightseeing boat sank off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, the hull lifted from the seabed was unloaded at Abashiri Port on the 1st and opened to the passengers' families.

On the other hand, the intensive search conducted for three days until May 31 did not find any clues leading to the discovery of 12 unknown people, and the Japan Coast Guard is preparing for future searches based on the results so far. I'm going to judge.

In April, 14 passengers were killed in the accident where the tour boat "KAZU 1" sank off the Shiretoko Peninsula, and the whereabouts of 12 people are still unknown.

The hull that has been lifted from the seabed and placed on the work ship is scheduled to be landed at Abashiri Port from 7:00 am on the 1st after the work of draining the water inside the ship has been completed.

After landing, the hull will be taken by trailer to a nearby storage location and will be open to the families of passengers wishing to donate flowers and tour on the afternoon of the 1st.

On the other hand, the Japan Coast Guard and others have strengthened their posture for three days until May 31, and searched with a total of more than 80 ships including private fishing boats and about 20 aircraft. No clues were found that could lead to the discovery of the missing person.

The Japan Coast Guard will determine the future search posture based on the results of the intensive search.