Last year, a junior high school girl was found dead in a snowy park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, and the bereaved family submitted it to the interim report of the third-party committee of the city board of education on the issue of being recognized as bullying. The details of the "findings" made were revealed on the 31st.

He pointed out the inadequacy of the investigation, saying that the fact-finding was carried out based on the story of the perpetrator, with only one interview with the bereaved family. I have no choice but to consider doing it. "

In March of last year, Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), who was a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa City, was found dead in a park in the city where snow was piled up. As an interim report, several senior students frequently asked Sousai to pay for sweets and drinks, and continued to ask for sexual video transmission, etc. were recognized as bullying, and in April, detailed contents were given. I made it clear.

The bereaved family submitted "findings" to Asahikawa City and the city's board of education on the 30th, and revealed the details on the 31st.

In this, he said that the method of proceeding with the investigation by the third-party committee should be severely criticized if the facts were difficult to find due to the decline in memory, as no interviews were conducted with the parties concerned for about half a year after the investigation. It points out the delay in response.

Regarding fact-finding, he pointed out that the bereaved family was interviewed only once, and only the content that was not directly related to the perpetrators such as occupation and parent-child relationship was asked, and the fact-finding was done based on the story of the perpetrator and faculty members. I am.

Furthermore, regarding Mr. Sousai's actions, there is no expression such as "forced" or "extortion" from the perpetrator side, and it is said that the dignity of the victim is hurt by the fact finding based on the perpetrator's story.

In addition, the act of perpetration was plainly stated, and it was said that the victim's facial expression and attitude were completely lacking in the "acceptance" part, and bullying without recognizing the fact that he was in pain. I doubt that I have been certified.

He also criticized severely, saying, "The content is far from the investigation that is close to the victim, and we have to consider refusing to cooperate in the investigation in the future."

The "findings" were reported to the third-party committee by the city board of education on the 31st.

In the future, the third-party committee will investigate the circumstances of Mr. Sousai's death, the response of the school and the city board of education, and measures to prevent recurrence, and will make a final report and compile it by the end of August.