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Surge in monkeypox cases in Europe and North America

Monkey pox is a less lethal disease than the human variant, but not without risk for immunocompromised people or children.

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Sidonie Gaucher

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Since the announcement of the first cases of


pox (or monkey pox), outside the African continent, on May 3, around twenty countries are now concerned.

As of May 25, 180 cases have been confirmed (outside Africa), 90% of which are in Europe.

In France, the High Authority for Health has recommended vaccinating with Imvanex anti-smallpox serum the adult contacts of the five officially recorded cases.

Two doses are required, spaced 28 days apart.


Smallpox immunity would protect against

monkey pox

, a less lethal disease than the human variant, but not devoid of risk for immunocompromised people or children.

What is the relationship between the smallpox eradicated in 1980 and this zoonosis?

Where is the control of the epidemic?

What are the recommendations for infected people?

What are the symptoms and modes of transmission of this disease?

What is its evolution?

Are there any risks of complications?

What do we know about these possible mutations?

Is there still a lot of smallpox serum in stock?

  • Pr Arnaud Fontanet

    , epidemiologist and researcher, director of the epidemiology of emerging diseases research unit at the

    Institut Pasteur

    and professor at

    the national conservatory of arts and crafts

  • Dr Emmanuel Nakoune Yandoko, 

    Scientific Director at the

    Pasteur Institute of Bangui in the Central African Republic


    Acting General Manager.

  • Pr Élisabeth Bouvet

    , infectiologist at the

    Bichat Hospital in Paris

    , president of the

    Technical Commission for Vaccinations of the Haute Autorité de Santé


    HAS spokesperson on vaccination in France 

  • Sidonie Gaucher

    , RFI correspondent in London. 


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