In reaction to the chaos around the Stade de France on Saturday, he returned to the charge to unlock the use of facial recognition.

Christian Estrosi recommended this Tuesday to use this practice currently prohibited in France during large sporting events.

“I would like us to finally put a stop to what the CNIL [National Commission for Computing and Liberties] prohibits us, this kind of dusty institution which prohibits the use of facial recognition”, declared the mayor of Nice on Europe 1, calling for "constitutional reform".

Artificial intelligence

“It is difficult for the police to arrest 1,000 or 2,000 people, at the risk of injuring or even killing 1,000 or 2,000 people.

On the other hand, if they are identified by facial recognition, if they are banned from the stadium and if we can pick them up in the early morning at their home to put them in police custody, artificial intelligence will fully play its role. , he developed.

The Champions League final match started in Saint-Denis more than 30 minutes late due to scenes of chaos outside the stadium, between an influx of supporters and attempted intrusions.

In Nice, Christian Estrosi has already carried out experiments on facial recognition during the 135th edition of the carnival in 2019 in order to spot lost children or wanted people in the crowd.

A test that the Cnil had not deemed satisfactory, pointing to shortcomings in the municipal report.



Nice: Facial recognition tested on public roads, at Carnival, a first in France


Nice, host city of an international conference on urban security, can it be considered as a model in this area?

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