A demonstration was organized this Saturday in Lamentin (Martinique) to protest against the dismissal which should be pronounced in the file of chlordecone.

This pesticide, whose toxic and carcinogenic characteristics were known, was nevertheless authorized and widely used on banana trees in the department.

The product has caused soil and water pollution.

The mobilized mayors

About fifty organizations took part in the march, says La Première.

Baptized “Justice and Reparation”, the event received the blessing of the Association of Mayors of Martinique.

The president said he supported "all peaceful initiatives that will bring out the truth about heinous acts that led to the poisoning of Martiniquans and their lands".

No indictment had been decided after 15 years of investigation in Martinique following a complaint filed in 2006, denounced the secretary general of the CDMT union Philippe Pierre-Charles.

The representative also felt that "The delay alone is an outrage."


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