They killed the husband in order to get married... Referring the papers of "authentic" and her lover to the Mufti

The Benha Criminal Court in Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt, decided to refer the papers of a 42-year-old wife, Asilah, and her lover, Muhammad, who is 25 years old, to the Grand Mufti to consider the legal opinion of their execution, on charges of murdering the accused’s husband, and the two got rid of him in order to complete their marriage. Al-Jabal Al-Asfar area in Al-Khanka city, Qalyubia Governorate.

The details of the incident return when an illegal relationship broke out between the wife named Asilah and her lover named Muhammad, and then the two contemplated getting rid of the first’s husband so that they could complete her marriage, so they waited for him and they intended to kill him, and they prepared an elaborate plan to do so.

One day, the victim bought a hypnotist and gave it to his lover, the wife, in preparation for him to put him in a drink. Indeed, she put it for him at night, and the husband drank it and slept, and when the accused called her lover to come to her husband’s place of age, they both completed the murder of him.

The accused came to the wife with a tool to muzzle the victim’s mouth to silence the air from him until death, and did so until the husband was killed, then they practiced vice next to his body, and then the wife’s lover slipped out of the house, and the next morning the wife pretended to surprise her with the death of her husband, and the accused went to condolences in the victim.

By codifying the procedures, the Qalyubia Security Directorate was able to uncover the mystery of the crime and identify the killers of the 50-year-old, Sabri, who works as a carpenter. The suspects were arrested in the incident and all necessary legal measures were taken.

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