Wearing a mask as a countermeasure against the new corona.

However, the temperature has been high for the past few days, and you may feel the heat and stuffiness.

The government's idea was that it is not necessary to wear it outdoors when it is possible to secure a distance from the people around it, or when there is almost no conversation even if it is not possible to keep a distance.

How can I make good use of the mask while being careful of heat stroke when the temperature rises?

People who go to the city ...

On the 29th, when the temperature rose over a wide area, including the first hot day, the maximum daytime temperature rose to 31.2 degrees Celsius in central Tokyo.

In the footage shot in Ginza, Tokyo, you can see that most of the people in the city are still wearing masks.

On the net ...

It is a voice on the net about how to put on and take off the mask while the hot days continue.

"Because it's so hot, I took off the mask outside. The mask gets

 stuffy , so I

 have to take it off


"I think it's better to think about the place and behavior .

There is also. "

" Everyone on the road wears it, and it's still difficult to remove. "

Expert "It is important to judge according to the situation"

Experts point out that "it is important to decide whether to remove the mask depending on the situation, not just for heat stroke measures."

● "It is unlikely that the risk of heat stroke will increase significantly just by wearing a mask."

According to Professor Akimasa Hirata of Nagoya Institute of Technology, who is also involved in the examination of risks such as heat stroke at the World Health Organization, research so far. When comparing the body temperature with and without the mask, there is almost no change except around the mask, and the core temperature of the body only rises from 0.06 degrees to 0.08 degrees, which is a measure of the risk of heat stroke. It means that it did not reach one rise.

Professor Hirata pointed out that "it is unlikely that wearing a mask will significantly increase the risk of heat stroke, but wearing a mask and exercising hard may lead to a risk of heat stroke." ..

● Young children should be careful because there is no detailed data.

Also, since there is no detailed experimental data on the relationship between masks and heat stroke in young children, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to heat stroke by referring to the national call.

● Future time “usually need attention”

On the other hand, Professor Hirata said that in the future time when the temperature and humidity will be high, it is usually necessary to be careful about heat stroke, and “Thirst by wearing a mask” It may be difficult to notice and the frequency of hydration may decrease. Heat stroke is said to occur due to an increase in body temperature and dehydration, so the risk of heat stroke increases when hydration decreases and the condition becomes close to dehydration. I want you to consciously dehydrate. "

● Future way of thinking "It is important to decide whether or not to remove it depending on the situation."

Regarding the way of thinking about wearing a mask in the future, "It is okay to remove the mask if you are far away from people, not just for heat stroke measures. It is better to wear a mask firmly in situations where there is a high risk of infection. It is important to decide whether to remove the mask depending on the situation. "

The idea of ​​wearing a mask

I will summarize the government's thinking about wearing masks again.

<Outdoor> Can you keep a distance? No conversation "No need"

On the 23rd of this month, the government changed the basic coping policy for the new corona countermeasures, and it is not necessary to wear it outdoors when you can get away from people around you or when you have little conversation even if you can not get away, especially. In the summer, we have included the idea of ​​recommending that it be removed from the viewpoint of heat stroke prevention.

<Indoor> Secure a distance of 2 meters Almost no conversation "No need"

It is said that it is not necessary to wear a mask if you can keep a distance from the people around you indoors with a guideline of 2 meters or more and you rarely have a conversation.

No need for physical education at school

In addition, it is not necessary for physical education classes at school, and it is said that club activities are similar to physical education classes.

And for competitions that involve contact, we will respond based on the guidelines created by each competition group.

Furthermore, we do not recommend children under the age of two, and even for children over the age of two who have not yet entered elementary school, nursery schools do not uniformly ask for them regardless of the distance to the people around them.